Build Your Future World Now

laitman_947Question: Can a person who has begun to seriously study Kabbalah be taken from this world as a result of a disease or an accident, and so on?

Answer: Why not? Is that a bad thing?

Everyone curses our world and feels bad in this world. At the same time, everyone is afraid to leave this world. This is only because a person doesn’t know and doesn’t see what is next.

And he doesn’t need to see anything. Right now, just build your future world so that you will feel no transition between life in this body and life outside our body. In fact, our egoistic desires depict for us life in our body, but if we neutralize them, we would feel that we are in the spiritual world.

There are people who have felt spiritual phenomena as a result of great suffering because when one undergoes great pain, the body can neutralize and nullify itself.

We, on the other hand, attain it much more easily through the help of the group where we summon the effect of the Upper Light, and then we feel as if we have no body since it is incorporated in others. Instead of feeling ourselves, we begin to feel others, and this is called exiting the body.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/20/15

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