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The Sciences And The Wisdom Of Kabbalah

Laitman_109The sciences of our world investigate the forces that create it and operate within it. The wisdom of Kabbalah is a science that investigates the general force of the entire creation, the force that creates all of creation, including the part that is concealed from us. The general power of everything that exists that is called divine. The science of Kabbalah explores this.

In order to study the forces of our world, we use tools, devices, and various materials that exist in our world. At the same time, we study everything through our natural senses that we are accustomed to use because we exist and perceive only with them. To investigate the upper world, we must first acquire senses that reach the upper world, and only after that can we study it, just like in our world.

Therefore, the wisdom of Kabbalah includes two stages:

  • First, our senses are corrected to become like the upper world,
  • And then with their help, we study the upper world.

Adam discovered the wisdom of Kabbalah; he was the first Kabbalist. From him, the study of the higher power and the upper world began to be developed. The difference between the upper force and the upper world is that the higher power exists on its own, whereas the upper world is what a Kabbalist attains within himself as the discovery of the higher power within his characteristics.

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Why Aren’t Our Leaders Kabbalists?

laitman_627_1Question: If the wisdom of Kabbalah is such a wise science, why didn’t it become the leading ideology in the nation of Israel, which was established to unite and operate on the basis of its principles?

Answer: Because people are inherently egoistic. Kabbalah says that we need to rise above our egoism. So, very few people are willing to come and learn how to rise above their egos in unity, in love, and how to create an absolutely new system of mutual cooperation between us.

This system is good because it will be in resemblance to nature that surrounds us. A person then will be able to control his destiny. Otherwise, he does not manage it and constantly hits a wall.

Question: But aren’t our leaders interested in making the nation better?

Answer: Where have you seen leaders or people in general who truly are concerned about the world? I am not blaming anyone because our nature is completely egoistic.

At every moment of his existence, a person thinks only about how to benefit himself personally, and others generally don’t matter to him. Moreover, the worse it is for them, the better it will be for him. That is how we have been programmed by nature. There are no good or bad people; this is human nature.

One need not be a Kabbalist to understand this. This is also known by psychologists.
From the Webinar on 2/10/16

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Answers To Your Questions, Part 125

laitman_628_3Question: How does the Kabbalah interpret the concept of conscience?

Answer: Conscience is born in a person only to the degree that he or she connects with the Creator, and receives His attribute of bestowal and love.

Question: In what manner do we take the knowledge that we accumulate with us if the soul has no memory?

Answer: We don’t take anything with us anywhere. We just begin to feel a new state.

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“All Is Good, But There Is No Happiness”

Laitman_715In the News ( “I have an apartment, a car, a stable income, good health… and a feeling of emptiness. What lies behind the dissatisfaction of this strange desire? Is it exaggerated demands or the maturation of the soul? …

“The feeling of dissatisfaction may be the first step to an important question: ‘Who am I? What is the meaning of my life?’

“Unfortunately, our minds quickly gets used to the fact that until recently life had pleasure – a phenomenon that psychologists call hedonic adaptation. We get used to the fact that all is well. Even the strongest pleasure of meeting with a man or woman of your life after a while cease to be so sharp. Psychologically we are not created to experience eternal happiness.”

My Comment: Eternal happiness exists, but we need to change in order to feel it, and then we can feel eternal life, or more accurately, eternal existence. Kabbalah teaches this by creating new senses in a person that enable him to sense not within his egoism, but outside of it. Then a person becomes eternal and whole just like the world that is revealed to him.

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A Systemic Crisis

laitman_272Opinion (Rotislave Ishchenko, political analyst): “Today, there is little doubt about the long-term and systemic nature of the global crisis. But what exactly does ‘systemic crisis’ mean?

Formulated differently – system crisis. Not economic, not financial, not  political, not regional, but a global crisis of the entire system of relations (political, economic, financial, social), established after the collapse of the USSR and the emergence of a unipolar pax Americana. That is a form of organization of the international community that no longer meets the needs of its development.

” The standard output from such a situation, repeatedly tested in during the twentieth century – World War. Actually, the entire twentieth century and was a continuation of the same World War II. Twice (in 1914-1918 and 1939-1945), it was poured into molds of open military clashes involving blocks, uniting the leading powers of the world. The last stage (the confrontation between the two superpowers and their control systems) was held in the form of the Cold War and characterized by persistent economic, informational and ideological struggle. This occurred against a background of peripheral wars and revolutions, in which the main opponents of the armed forces are involved informally or not involved at all. Nuclear capabilities, operating to this day, has reduced to zero the possibility of direct military clash of the superpowers (if not to take into account the possibility of error). …

“Thus, in a systemic crisis (i.e., exhaustion of sustainable development opportunities existing global system) US bet on ahead of massive destruction. However, they proceed from the fact that they control resources will be enough to survive the inevitable period of general chaos at the lowest cost and start creating a new system is in pole with respect to the rest of the world position. …

“With Washington’s position the old world must be destroyed everywhere except the United States. In this case the weaker will die first, and have a chance to survive only the strongest and the weakest who will be in a strong alliance.”

My Comment: Outwardly everything is true, except for one thing—a plan exists in creation, and a person who considers himself to be the master of history and its accomplishments is mistaken. It is necessary to become aware of the program of development of mankind originally rooted in nature. Even for the United States there are still big surprises waiting.

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New Life 615 – Learning To Be Human

New Life 615 – Learning To Be Human
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

We don’t build schools that are suitable for children; we treat them like bottles on an assembly line. So the school is not a good place, a place full of anxiety, pain, arguments, aggression, and competition.

We don’t build human beings; we don’t teach them how to relate to one another or how to choose a profession that is right for them. We don’t create a sense of togetherness and connecting to each other at the time of study, and thus we see the outcome in our society.

The value we should educate children according to today is to be a human being. We have to teach them about relationships between people and social psychology.

We need to start by training parents so that our children can receive a new education. Through discussion circles, joint discussions, and games children should learn proper social interactions. The school of the future will look very different from today’s schools. One third of the time will be devoted to discussion circles. Another third of the time will be devoted to visiting different places, while the last third will be devoted to classic studies of elementary subjects like mathematics, etc. When children visit different places outside the school, they will learn different things that they will perceive differently.

The most important thing a child should learn is how to become a human being who is part of society, a human being that can communicate with everyone. A good student will be one who learns how to get along with others everywhere and who has the right social relations. A person who knows how to properly connect to others will succeed in life in everything he does everywhere. In the future the most highly demanded profession will be a social guide, an expert who can teach people how to get along with each other.
From KabTV’s “New Life 615 – Learning To Be Human,” 8/25/15

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