A Systemic Crisis

laitman_272Opinion (Rotislave Ishchenko, political analyst): “Today, there is little doubt about the long-term and systemic nature of the global crisis. But what exactly does ‘systemic crisis’ mean?

Formulated differently – system crisis. Not economic, not financial, not  political, not regional, but a global crisis of the entire system of relations (political, economic, financial, social), established after the collapse of the USSR and the emergence of a unipolar pax Americana. That is a form of organization of the international community that no longer meets the needs of its development.

” The standard output from such a situation, repeatedly tested in during the twentieth century – World War. Actually, the entire twentieth century and was a continuation of the same World War II. Twice (in 1914-1918 and 1939-1945), it was poured into molds of open military clashes involving blocks, uniting the leading powers of the world. The last stage (the confrontation between the two superpowers and their control systems) was held in the form of the Cold War and characterized by persistent economic, informational and ideological struggle. This occurred against a background of peripheral wars and revolutions, in which the main opponents of the armed forces are involved informally or not involved at all. Nuclear capabilities, operating to this day, has reduced to zero the possibility of direct military clash of the superpowers (if not to take into account the possibility of error). …

“Thus, in a systemic crisis (i.e., exhaustion of sustainable development opportunities existing global system) US bet on ahead of massive destruction. However, they proceed from the fact that they control resources will be enough to survive the inevitable period of general chaos at the lowest cost and start creating a new system is in pole with respect to the rest of the world position. …

“With Washington’s position the old world must be destroyed everywhere except the United States. In this case the weaker will die first, and have a chance to survive only the strongest and the weakest who will be in a strong alliance.”

My Comment: Outwardly everything is true, except for one thing—a plan exists in creation, and a person who considers himself to be the master of history and its accomplishments is mistaken. It is necessary to become aware of the program of development of mankind originally rooted in nature. Even for the United States there are still big surprises waiting.

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