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A New Global Disaster

Laitman_703_03In the News ( “The world’s largest underground aquifers – a source of fresh water for hundreds of millions of people — are being depleted at alarming rates, according to new NASA satellite data that provides the most detailed picture yet of vital water reserves hidden under the Earth’s surface.

“Twenty-one of the world’s 37 largest aquifers — in locations from India and China to the United States and France — have passed their sustainability tipping points, meaning more water was removed than replaced during the decade-long study period, researchers announced Tuesday. Thirteen aquifers declined at rates that put them into the most troubled category. The researchers said this indicated a long-term problem that’s likely to worsen as reliance on aquifers grows.”

My Comment: Through the selfish relationships on the level of Adam (Man), people cause an imbalance in the lower levels of nature: still, vegetative, and animate. And leads itself to the threat of self-destruction.

The solution cannot be on the level of the still, vegetative, and animate, but specifically on the human level, through balancing relationships between people and bringing humanity to a good mutual connection. Therefore we must implement global education.

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Who Is Closer To The Wisdom Of Kabbalah?

laitman_599_02Question: Who is closer to the wisdom of Kabbalah, men or women?

Answer: Men. Women feel it more instinctively while men must go through it and transfer this knowledge by way of their head, mind, and thoughts.

Their need for correction of the ego is much greater than it is with women. So a woman can study less; she doesn’t need to get up at three o’clock in the morning for a lesson, while this is mandatory for men. That is how nature created us.

The male ego is different from the female ego, it requires a greater correction. Because it deviates from the way, it is torn to pieces.

Women are not inferior to men; their ego is simply earthier in an everyday practical sense. They are more corrected than men. If a woman were managing the world, the world would be better.

Comment: But still, sometimes women are managed by men.

Answer: If they were to take things over everywhere and the men were to go fishing, it would be better for everyone.
From the Webinar on 2/10/16

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Nuclear Weaponry Is Good

laitman_547_06Question: What do you think about the increasing presence of nuclear weapons in different nations?

Answer: This is very good. If there had been no nuclear weapons, Russia and America would long since been at war with each other instead of not since the Second World War. What stopped them was only nuclear weaponry because they understood its significance. For the first time in the life of the military, for whom war always promoted power, they are afraid of war, of nuclear war.

Everyone is afraid of nuclear war, therefore people who “hold the button in their hands,” understand that one shouldn’t play with it. There are limits to where we can fight a bit, mainly in third world nations: I trip you, you give me a slap, etc.

Hitting each other in a political lobby or through the third world is understood by everyone and is perceived as being normal. If 100 people die here and 100 there, it is not taken into account. In contrast, everyone understands that a nuclear war is unpredictable, to the point that it would be impossible to rein it in.

Question: And what if every small nation had nuclear weaponry?

Answer: Is Saudi Arabia a big nation? It is a rich nation that can buy anything.

Comment: But don’t you think that some crazy person could press the button?

Answer: I don’t think that there are that many crazy people in the world, it only seems that way to us. Gaddafi was not crazy, as we now understand. Neither is Fidel Castro nor the present leader of Korea.

The leader of Korea is a smart man and if he makes some noise with the help of the weaponry, it is for one purpose only, “Give us food” because they are starving. Gradually we feed them, placate them, and we don’t even know about it., Even the Americans directly or through a third nation, and also Russia and China. What can you do? Everyone understands each other perfectly.

So I don’t think that there is any uncertainty here. When you understand that you have a serious trump card and the other one does too and you are both holding each other by the throat, that is everything. So I think that nuclear weaponry is an excellent means for restraining and sobering up humanity from childish behavior. I very much hope that in the future care and wisdom will prevail.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/26/16

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In Favor Of Keeping The Family Together

Laitman_507_05Question: Does the wisdom of Kabbalah have a formula for a happy family life?

Answer: Of course, after all, the wisdom of Kabbalah tells us about the unity of people and the private level of unity is the family.

Question: Do you mean that people who educate society according to the wisdom of Kabbalah can replace family psychologists? After all, preserving the integrity of the family today is a great problem: There are domestic difficulties daily; life isn’t easy, and the nuclear family is starting to fall apart.

Answer: Families are not breaking up because of the daily troubles but because it is in the interest of industrialists, advertisers, and the like. While a couple needs one apartment, a divorced couple needs two apartments. Today’s global economy is interested in having more consumers, and divorce doubles the number of consumers. Moreover, the elite don’t need millions of people who procreate.

Comment: But the industrialists also live in families.

Answer: They are merely 1% of the world’s population and have no need for all the rest. Why do they need seven billion people! As far as they are concerned it is better to reduce the world’s population even without wars by simply reducing procreation. Thus they will be able to cut down the world’s population by half during one generation.

Question: Does the wisdom of Kabbalah know how to keep the family together?

Answer: It isn’t simple. The wisdom of Kabbalah gradually tells people how to interact with each other correctly.

Comment: I heard in one of your lectures that if one partner studies the wisdom of Kabbalah while the other partner is far from it, they don’t have many chances of keeping the family together.

Answer: Of course there are problems. If one partner is greatly interested in life on the spiritual level and the other is interested in life on the corporeal level, there are disagreements and conflicts and they feel that they have different impulses. But even then no one says that they should get divorced. On the contrary, it is necessary to keep the family together no matter what.

We try to do it by any means. I understand that it isn’t easy today. Still, it is better to keep the family together, especially if there are kids. First, I am against divorce. And second, one should somehow interest his or her partner and make it understood that you have a dream, something that you are really interested in. The right thing to do is to interest your partner in your field of interest, since by studying the wisdom of Kabbalah, a person begins to discover the real meaning of life.

Everyone is interested in this matter to some extent.
From the Webinar on 2/10/16

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Bloody News

Laitman_182_02Comment: A famous blogger wrote that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to astonish people with news about what is happening in the world. People digest the frequent bloody news about terror, about youth that can stab a man with a knife, and don’t mourn the casualties anymore because you would have to do it every day.

Answer: We have had the thirst for such sights since ancient times when they used to kill and maim people, stage battles, etc. Humanity cannot do without it. It isn’t only the need of modern man but a human need for blood.

We are undergoing a serious crisis of consciousness and it is becoming clear that we are miserable nothings. And somehow this has to break. Therefore, the Internet, different problems, ISIS, and radical Islamic organizations push the world forward quickly. These are vital forces in our evolution. Changes occur very intensively and we are beginning to perceive and realize everything very quickly. If people were stuck in the past at one point for ages, today they undergo a lot during one generation.

Question: What will this feeling lead to?

Answer: It will lead to a great outcry stemming from the recognition of the meaningless of our existence. We will not even be able to choose whether to live or not, whether to leave this life or not, so we are controlled by our egoistic nature. In addition to the fact that we exist, we were given a mind to understand that we are miserable and worthless and exist for no reason and for no purpose.

This unclear outcry will be revealed in humanity, and then we Kabbalists will be able to say: “We know what to do in this situation. We have actually been waiting for it for almost 6,000 years and today we can tell you how to turn this deep, terrible hopeless cry into a sigh of joy, a merriment that has no limits. It is possible. We will be very happy to share this opportunity with you.”
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/26/16

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New Life #611 – The Redemption

New Life #611 – The Redemption
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

How can we prepare ourselves for the coming state of redemption, how do we recognize the special time of the days of the Messiah, and why is the right preparation only with the help of a group?


The wisdom of Kabbalah investigates the process within which we are led from the beginning of reality to its purpose. The higher power, whose nature is love and bestowal, created us egoists so that we would choose to resemble it. When we don’t choose to advance toward the characteristic of love as He has, then “blows” come upon us to move us forward.

The first to learn the program of creation was our father Abraham, and his students became the people of Israel. The redemption will come only through connection. Do we want to connect? A power called “Messiah” will come and draw us toward love. The redemption is when we become a single association with mutual love and bestowal, and the Creator dwells among us, the Gan Eden (paradise). We don’t need to die for this. If we connect, we can feel Gan Eden (heaven) now. If we don’t, we feel Gehinnom (hell).

So the world has been thrown into a general crisis today, a blind alley, emptiness. There is no happiness on the horizon. The wall that faces us was built from our egoistic characteristics, hiding the upper worlds from us.

Kabbalah doesn’t demand that a person believe; it is a scientific method for developing a higher perception. The redemption is rising from an egoistic nature to eternal life, not with the body but with consciousness.
From KabTV’s “New Life #611 – The Redemption,” 8/13/15

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 03.15.16

Preparation for the Lesson

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot,” Item 37 

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Inheritance of the Land”  

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