Bloody News

Laitman_182_02Comment: A famous blogger wrote that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to astonish people with news about what is happening in the world. People digest the frequent bloody news about terror, about youth that can stab a man with a knife, and don’t mourn the casualties anymore because you would have to do it every day.

Answer: We have had the thirst for such sights since ancient times when they used to kill and maim people, stage battles, etc. Humanity cannot do without it. It isn’t only the need of modern man but a human need for blood.

We are undergoing a serious crisis of consciousness and it is becoming clear that we are miserable nothings. And somehow this has to break. Therefore, the Internet, different problems, ISIS, and radical Islamic organizations push the world forward quickly. These are vital forces in our evolution. Changes occur very intensively and we are beginning to perceive and realize everything very quickly. If people were stuck in the past at one point for ages, today they undergo a lot during one generation.

Question: What will this feeling lead to?

Answer: It will lead to a great outcry stemming from the recognition of the meaningless of our existence. We will not even be able to choose whether to live or not, whether to leave this life or not, so we are controlled by our egoistic nature. In addition to the fact that we exist, we were given a mind to understand that we are miserable and worthless and exist for no reason and for no purpose.

This unclear outcry will be revealed in humanity, and then we Kabbalists will be able to say: “We know what to do in this situation. We have actually been waiting for it for almost 6,000 years and today we can tell you how to turn this deep, terrible hopeless cry into a sigh of joy, a merriment that has no limits. It is possible. We will be very happy to share this opportunity with you.”
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/26/16

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