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Correction Of The Relationships Between Us

laitman_229The problem of the world is that a correct connection between people doesn’t exist. A correct connection is a system in which all the parts are found in mutual relationships between them and in harmony, where all are concerned about the welfare of the entire system and nobody is concerned about his own welfare. In a situation like this, the system is perfect.

When people attain a connection like this between them, they begin to feel nature and not themselves. The nature that they begin to feel is called the “Creator” because they discover its mind, program, and purpose.

Beginning from Abraham, people began to attain the harmony of nature in the connection between them, they discovered the Creator. The students of Abraham behaved according to the general laws of the world, to the extent that they discovered the Creator. This behavior came to be expressed in daily activities and in the relationship with the environment, and it was derived naturally and directly from their sensations. The activities that the members of the group of Abraham implemented seemed like they were only mechanical actions to someone who didn’t belong to this group and didn’t feel nature and the system of connection between people.

A harmonious mutual connection between people is called “love,” so it is said: “I created the evil inclination, I created the Torah as a spice.” The intention of the word “Torah” is the power of the Creator that is designed to correct the relationships between us, the relationships of egoistic mutual rejection. Involvement with the correction of the egoistic nature of a person is called keeping the Torah, and learning the Torah is called learning the possibilities for correcting the ego.

The general Mitzvah (commandment) of the Creator is correction of the ego to the level of “and you shall love your friend as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18). When a person mechanically performs the associated activities without correcting himself, his ego, this is called maintaining the customs. Since the days when the people of Israel fell from the level of “and you shall love your friend as yourself” to the level of “unfounded hatred,” they have been found in a state of maintaining the customs.

In their internal essence, the people of Israel are a group of people who are found in mutual Arvut (guarantee), yearning to be “as one person with one heart,” and filled with mutual love.

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How To See The World Upside Down

laitman_928Question: How is it possible to feel and see the poor as rich, the fool as wise, and the sick as healthy if a person understands and reflects that all the evil that is around him are his uncorrected characteristics that are intentionally given to him by the Creator for his advancement, and also connects every action that happens in his life with the one and only Creator?

Answer: All of this is discovered along with the feeling of the Creator because it belongs to the full perception of the world that was created by Him.

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The Price Of The Sixth Sense

laitman_249-03Question: How much does it cost to acquire the sixth sense? I don’t refer to money of course.

Answer: It depends on the attribute a person’s desire is in, on the society he is in, and on the circumstances under which he studies Kabbalah and implements it. So it is impossible to say how we can measure the intensity he has to put into it in order to enter the upper world or even to correct himself.

When a person studies the wisdom of Kabbalah, these measuring units are revealed to him, the units of effort, and then he begins to realize how many such units are needed in order to reach each level. The numbers of these units differ from one person to another.

It is the same in our world: Even if we studied in the same school, the same university, or worked together, each of us would have to make a different amount and quality of effort in order to accomplish the same task.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/17/16

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Israeli Society

laitman_559In the News ( “Israel’s Religiously Divided Society”

“Nearly 70 years after the establishment of the modern State of Israel, its Jewish population remains united behind the idea that Israel is a homeland for the Jewish people and a necessary refuge from rising anti-Semitism around the globe. But alongside these sources of unity, a major new survey by Pew Research Center also finds deep divisions in Israeli society – not only between Israeli Jews and the country’s Arab minority, but also among the religious subgroups that make up Israeli Jewry. …

“Although they live in the same small country and share many traditions, highly religious and secular Jews inhabit largely separate social worlds, with relatively few close friends and little intermarriage outside their own groups. In fact, the survey finds that secular Jews in Israel are more uncomfortable with the notion that a child of theirs might someday marry an ultra-Orthodox Jew than they are with the prospect of their child marrying a Christian. …

“Moreover, these divisions are reflected in starkly contrasting positions on many public policy questions, including marriage, divorce, religious conversion, military conscription, gender segregation and public transportation. Overwhelmingly, Haredi and Dati Jews (both generally considered Orthodox) express the view that Israel’s government should promote religious beliefs and values, while secular Jews strongly favor separation of religion from government policy.

“Most Jews across the religious spectrum agree in principle that Israel can be both a democracy and a Jewish state. But they are at odds about what should happen, in practice, if democratic decision-making collides with Jewish law (halakha). The vast majority of secular Jews say democratic principles should take precedence over religious law, while a similarly large share of ultra-Orthodox Jews say religious law should take priority.

“Even more fundamentally, these groups disagree on what Jewish identity is mainly about: Most of the ultra-Orthodox say “being Jewish” is mainly a matter of religion, while secular Jews tend to say it is mainly a matter of ancestry and/or culture. …

“When asked whether halakha should be made the official law of the land for Jews in Israel, majorities of Haredim (86%) and Datiim (69%) say they would favor this change. By contrast, most Masortim (57%) and an overwhelming majority of Hilonim (90%) oppose making halakha the law of the land for Jews in Israel.

“The disagreements over what it means to live in a Jewish state are not merely hypothetical. The survey asks about numerous concrete policy issues in Israel – including marriage, divorce, conversion, military conscription, transportation, public prayer and gender segregation – and finds deep divides.”

My Comment: The separation will only grow and will be manifested in more and more extreme forms. There are two possibilities: either the separation will split the society and it will disappear along with the nation, or we will be forced to consider that the Jewish nation can only exist on condition that it yearns for the general rule, “And you shall love your friend as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18) and “Love covereth over all transgressions” (Proverbs 10:12), as was customary 2000 years ago during the period when our nation existed. The moment we violated this principle, the nation ceased to exist.

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An Isolated Existence


In the News ( “Psychologists say that the society will cease to exist in the near future. Such a conclusion was made by a group of psychologists after a large scale sociological research gave answers to their questions.

“The assumption of psychologists about human differences with society is understandable. For the vast majority of citizens it is enough to communicate on the Internet: on the social media networks, using data transfer programs and other means, which shifts the actual interaction with others to the background.

“’We spend too much time on the Internet,’ said one of the members of the research team. If you do not limit your online time and minimize the communication through the virtual exchange programs, the demographic crisis will come sooner than we think.”

My Comment: The development of egoism is inevitable, and it leads to a lonely existence in which everyone feels comfortable and secure. But at the same time, everyone will experience “death,” seeing how the movement of life fades and depression increases. It seems like a comfortable loneliness and depression contradict each other, but the reason for this is that nature is pushing us toward unity while our ego is opposing it. These two opposing forces will bring us to a decision that we must integrate individuality and connection, which is “love above the ego.”

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New Life #365 – A Dialogue

New Life #365 – A Dialogue
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

Something special happens when two people speak with each other. What is the meaning of conversation in our lives? How does one conduct a conversation correctly, what is a successful conversation, what is the potential that exists in this encounter between two?


The art of conversation that we conduct daily is very important to us in the success of our business, in the success of the family, etc.

  • Today we are very used to using text messages and e-mails, and each one remains more in his corner. So specifically today it is very important for us to regain this skill.
  • In our lives there is a place for conversation if there is something that I want to get from someone else or if I have something to give, to contribute to him.
  • There should be a subject and two people who can be interested in the same subject that is something in common between them so that they can exchange information, exchange all kinds of impressions.

Going over a text, I try to flow in the same wave with him, creating a common desire between us and shared thoughts, mine, his, and something in common.

  • During the conversation we basically don’t appreciate the conversation.
  • This is like an atomic reactor into which I throw my fuel with thoughts and emotions, and he throws his fuel with thoughts and emotions.
  • So what generally follows from this is something more interesting, something higher, a special brilliance.
  • Each one enjoys inclusion with the other, the opinions of the other, this communication.
  • We leave the conversation when each one is essentially at least doubled, each one acquires emotion and wisdom from the other.

A person must prepare himself for an important conversation at work, with a partner or with someone with whom it is important to him to reach agreement.

  • Prepare a plan: The purpose of the conversation, what the subject is, what must be said, about what do you want to get an opinion, or what conclusion do you want to reach.
  • Clarify how much a person will soon enter into a connection with you, how much he is for or against everything that you will say, what is his approach toward you, and his attitude toward the entire subject.
  • Today we are found in a flood of all kinds of opinions and conversations, new and old, we have nothing of our own; as for me, I have nothing of my own.
  • If the connection with the person himself is important to me, then the subject is secondary or could even be peripheral because he is more interesting to me than I am to myself.
  • Or the subject is important to me and this person is also important, because as far as it seems he has an important opinion on this subject. But that is how it is, and I need to know that each and every connection into which I enter influences me so much for the rest of my life.

A successful outcome from a conversation is that I need to become clothed within the person, and know how to be with him more openly on a human level, and how much it is already possible to combine this on the plane of interests. There are two planes among us; one is between people and the other is channels of information.
From KabTV’s “New Life #365 – A Dialogue,” 5/1/14

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