New Life #365 – A Dialogue

New Life #365 – A Dialogue
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

Something special happens when two people speak with each other. What is the meaning of conversation in our lives? How does one conduct a conversation correctly, what is a successful conversation, what is the potential that exists in this encounter between two?


The art of conversation that we conduct daily is very important to us in the success of our business, in the success of the family, etc.

  • Today we are very used to using text messages and e-mails, and each one remains more in his corner. So specifically today it is very important for us to regain this skill.
  • In our lives there is a place for conversation if there is something that I want to get from someone else or if I have something to give, to contribute to him.
  • There should be a subject and two people who can be interested in the same subject that is something in common between them so that they can exchange information, exchange all kinds of impressions.

Going over a text, I try to flow in the same wave with him, creating a common desire between us and shared thoughts, mine, his, and something in common.

  • During the conversation we basically don’t appreciate the conversation.
  • This is like an atomic reactor into which I throw my fuel with thoughts and emotions, and he throws his fuel with thoughts and emotions.
  • So what generally follows from this is something more interesting, something higher, a special brilliance.
  • Each one enjoys inclusion with the other, the opinions of the other, this communication.
  • We leave the conversation when each one is essentially at least doubled, each one acquires emotion and wisdom from the other.

A person must prepare himself for an important conversation at work, with a partner or with someone with whom it is important to him to reach agreement.

  • Prepare a plan: The purpose of the conversation, what the subject is, what must be said, about what do you want to get an opinion, or what conclusion do you want to reach.
  • Clarify how much a person will soon enter into a connection with you, how much he is for or against everything that you will say, what is his approach toward you, and his attitude toward the entire subject.
  • Today we are found in a flood of all kinds of opinions and conversations, new and old, we have nothing of our own; as for me, I have nothing of my own.
  • If the connection with the person himself is important to me, then the subject is secondary or could even be peripheral because he is more interesting to me than I am to myself.
  • Or the subject is important to me and this person is also important, because as far as it seems he has an important opinion on this subject. But that is how it is, and I need to know that each and every connection into which I enter influences me so much for the rest of my life.

A successful outcome from a conversation is that I need to become clothed within the person, and know how to be with him more openly on a human level, and how much it is already possible to combine this on the plane of interests. There are two planes among us; one is between people and the other is channels of information.
From KabTV’s “New Life #365 – A Dialogue,” 5/1/14

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