An Isolated Existence


In the News ( “Psychologists say that the society will cease to exist in the near future. Such a conclusion was made by a group of psychologists after a large scale sociological research gave answers to their questions.

“The assumption of psychologists about human differences with society is understandable. For the vast majority of citizens it is enough to communicate on the Internet: on the social media networks, using data transfer programs and other means, which shifts the actual interaction with others to the background.

“’We spend too much time on the Internet,’ said one of the members of the research team. If you do not limit your online time and minimize the communication through the virtual exchange programs, the demographic crisis will come sooner than we think.”

My Comment: The development of egoism is inevitable, and it leads to a lonely existence in which everyone feels comfortable and secure. But at the same time, everyone will experience “death,” seeing how the movement of life fades and depression increases. It seems like a comfortable loneliness and depression contradict each other, but the reason for this is that nature is pushing us toward unity while our ego is opposing it. These two opposing forces will bring us to a decision that we must integrate individuality and connection, which is “love above the ego.”

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