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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 1/10/16

laitman_281_01Question: How can we have the right intention focused on the Creator in our corporeal desires?

Answer: It depends on how you use them. The desire for wealth, respect, and knowledge can be used in order to disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah. The intention determines everything,

Question: How can I feel what my friend feels?

Answer: It is only when you connect with him by sharing a common goal.

Question: If we can acquire knowledge during the lessons and from books, what should I do with faith?

Answer: There is no faith. Faith is bestowal. Is it believing blindly in what you are told? No way.

Question: Are my desires filled with Light if I am in this world but don’t feel the upper world?

Answer: If your desires are aimed at the good of others, they always are filled with Light, even on the level of this world.

Question: What should I do if I receive blows in return for my actions of bestowal? As it is said, do no good and you will receive no evil.

Answer: This also can happen, so you must act through the group. Then, you are shown how to act correctly.

Question: What are the basic necessities that a person should have in this world in order to study the wisdom of Kabbalah correctly?

Answer: It is only a teacher and a group. This is what we are trying to provide everyone with, in every corner of the world, so that everyone will have a virtual group and a teacher.

Question: How can we check if we actually have attained something?

Answer: It only can be revelation. Only revelations can verify that you are on the right track.

Question: How can I practice bestowal in everyday life if I want to bestow more?

Answer: Go out and disseminate. Meet with friends and, together, do everything in order to unite. If you have several friends, it is enough in order to attain the complete goal of creation.

Question: How can I develop the ability to be a spiritual component in the real world?

Answer: You should work with the group until you dissolve in it and discover the Creator in the center of the group.

Question: What is an incentive to bestow without getting anything in return?

Answer: It is being on the Creator’s level, ascending the 125 levels from the lowest level in our world to his level, when you are above infinity, eternity, and wholeness.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/10/16

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Once Upon A Time In Cyprus

laitman_272Question: A worker in a government office in Cyprus Marios Droushiotis wrote a letter to the president of the country expressing his dissatisfaction with his high salary for his actual lack of activity. He wrote, “I sit. I don’t do anything and get 5,000 Euros. The state would have saved more money by simply telling me to stay home and paying me that way. At least, I wouldn’t be running up costs like heating, lights, and water by being at the office!”

Answer: As far as it seems, he wants to be the Prime Minister.

Question: Does that mean you don’t believe that he has a conscience?

Answer: It reminds me of how a person can steal and blush. There are covert motives here. If this were derived from a cry of conscience, he would have turned quietly and nicely and written a memo, “Reduce my salary by half.” The idea is that, ultimately, we don’t understand egoistic development. The ego doesn’t develop quantitatively by just growing. Rather, it also becomes greater qualitatively. It evolves in a direction of enhancement, acquiring newer, subtler, and more sophisticated forms. So, it can no longer be satisfied with money. People no longer aspire to honor, glory, and power. All of this has ceased to fulfill them.

Question: Where will this lead?

Answer: It will lead to people not wanting such a large choice of food and sex. They will not want to raise a family and have children. This desire simply will disappear, and people will have nothing to do with the idea. After that comes depression, the use of antidepressants, drug abuse, and suicide. The question is, what will be fulfilling?

Question: If the previous spectrum of egoistic values disappears, what will be the result?

Answer: All of us will reach one, big, universal outcry, like a wolf howling at the moon. That is how people also will go out and begin to howl upward, crying out toward the Creator, “What did you create us for, in the name of what, and why?! What do you want from us?” There will be a great howl like this all over the Earth toward the source of our existence, even unconsciously. It will lead us to decide that we must find the meaning of life. Nature couldn’t have been created with such perfection where there is no beginning or end, and there be no purpose to it. We just don’t see it.

What we are seeing today indicates that if a desire appears in us, it means that the source of its fulfillment, which is hidden from us, is illuminating us and stimulating this desire in us. This is to say, we can attain this fulfillment. Nature doesn’t just create something. A state of dissatisfaction appears, which is basically egoistic, and it directs us to search for the higher power, the higher source.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/4/16

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Where Can We Find The Answers To Our Questions?

Laitman_051Question: What is the mechanism for searching for answers to the questions that I have inside of me?

Answer: I will never find answers to the questions inside of me—never. Who am I that I should have ready-made answers? I only ask questions, and in order to find the answers to them, I must follow the instructions carefully.

The wisdom of Kabbalah reveals the influence of the upper force on me. So, I must use this wisdom, and then I will be able to discover the upper force and find the answers, but only I will find them, and no one else.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/10/16

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Feeling The Spiritual Worlds

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why do we need to feel the spiritual worlds?

Answer: We have to feel the spiritual worlds because otherwise we will not know how to behave in this world in a correct way, what to do with ourselves, how to relate to others, why we exist, which forces govern us, where our free choice is, and where we don’t have free choice.

We need to understand in what we are totally dependent on the forces of nature and where we can act independently and how to do it: or by chance, when suddenly we feel like it, or by knowing the correct goal of progress to do something good, good for ourselves and for others.

We need to recognize and attain the system that we live in; otherwise, we act like blind kittens. But kittens at least have a mother, and we are in the rough hands of the concealed force of nature. There is a network of forces that we are imprisoned in it and we don’t know what strings are pulling us.

Evolution, the continuous development of nature, is conducted according to a definite law. But from a certain point onward, this development requires the proper wise involvement of man. And if a person is not ready to properly integrate into this formula of development, then it acts against him compelling him more and more to explore the system of development.

We see, in spite of everything, that we have reached a point where everything is falling apart and the world we built is terrible. We are destroying nature, the future is unknown, tomorrow is unclear, and we begin to discover ourselves, our egoism, as the source of all the problems.

And here the question that arises is not about the need to believe in spiritual worlds, but how to be rescued, how to make sure that we will not be involved in any problems. Look at what is happening in the whole world: in Russia, in America, in Europe, in the Middle East, in the Far East, in Latin America, and in Africa—everyone is suffering. There is no one on earth that can say that he enjoys happiness and serenity.

We have gotten ourselves into a dead end. Therefore, this reveals the need to understand what the source of all our problems is, and along with that the wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed, which says: “ I will tell you about everything and will give you a possibility to steer in the correct way.”

We live in a special time: on one hand, it is very scary, bad, evil, and unpredictable, and on the other hand, we can reveal the whole system of leadership of our world and start to work in it.

Therefore, we should enjoy this combination of circumstances: On one hand, it compels us to reveal the system of control called the upper world, and on the other hand, we have the opportunity to be saved.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/27/15

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New Life 530 – Which Prayers Are Answered?

New Life 530 – Which Prayers Are Answered?
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

Even though we constantly try to improve our situation, life today is nothing. It is somewhat pointless and meaningless.

We have to live under pressure; otherwise, we would not have developed throughout history. Today we have reached a general state of crisis, including in the perception of life. Everything is available, yet nobody is satisfied. This situation leads people to ask about the meaning of life, as well as to be carried away by fundamentalism like Daesh and so forth.

In the natural environment, everything operates according to absolute laws, and we must also live that way. It is up to us to recognize the final state nature is leading us toward. Then we will know if there is a place for prayer.

The sages of Kabbalah discovered that there is a component of freedom of choice within the absolute laws of nature.

The possibility of choice doesn’t change the final outcome but the way in which we advance toward it. There is a path of suffering and stress, and there is a path of self-awareness. The transition between them is with the help of “prayer.”

In fact, all people pray. What the heart wants is the prayer of the person. Yet only the prayer of many is answered. The prayer of many is a prayer for the many, that things will be good for everyone. When we pray together for someone to be healed, the connection between us influences the higher system. In addition, the patient gets strength and encouragement from this; his spirit is fortified and this gives his body and spirit the power to heal.

In conclusion, the higher power is good and benevolent, and all the problems in our lives derive from the evil inclination in us, the ego, the desire to receive for ourselves. If we connect to correct the evil inclination in us to aim toward love for others, we will be cured of all troubles.
From KabTV “New Life 530 – Which Prayers Are Answered?” 2/26/15

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