New Life 530 – Which Prayers Are Answered?

New Life 530 – Which Prayers Are Answered?
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

Even though we constantly try to improve our situation, life today is nothing. It is somewhat pointless and meaningless.

We have to live under pressure; otherwise, we would not have developed throughout history. Today we have reached a general state of crisis, including in the perception of life. Everything is available, yet nobody is satisfied. This situation leads people to ask about the meaning of life, as well as to be carried away by fundamentalism like Daesh and so forth.

In the natural environment, everything operates according to absolute laws, and we must also live that way. It is up to us to recognize the final state nature is leading us toward. Then we will know if there is a place for prayer.

The sages of Kabbalah discovered that there is a component of freedom of choice within the absolute laws of nature.

The possibility of choice doesn’t change the final outcome but the way in which we advance toward it. There is a path of suffering and stress, and there is a path of self-awareness. The transition between them is with the help of “prayer.”

In fact, all people pray. What the heart wants is the prayer of the person. Yet only the prayer of many is answered. The prayer of many is a prayer for the many, that things will be good for everyone. When we pray together for someone to be healed, the connection between us influences the higher system. In addition, the patient gets strength and encouragement from this; his spirit is fortified and this gives his body and spirit the power to heal.

In conclusion, the higher power is good and benevolent, and all the problems in our lives derive from the evil inclination in us, the ego, the desire to receive for ourselves. If we connect to correct the evil inclination in us to aim toward love for others, we will be cured of all troubles.
From KabTV “New Life 530 – Which Prayers Are Answered?” 2/26/15

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