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laitman_229Question: What would you advise a person who has lost the taste for consumption, science, and culture and subconsciously feels that he cannot find the meaning of life in that?

Answer: I can advise him to invest his energy in the next level of human evolution, to wave goodbye to everyone, get on the train that will take him to a new attainment, and detach from the platform of our world.

On this train he will undergo a serious internal correction and internal changes, and when he gets closer to the next level of existence, he will receive additional vessels for attainment and knowledge.

There are quite a few examples in human history of small kids who found themselves in a forest and grew up among wild animals, after which it was impossible to re-educate them.

They remained animals despite any efforts educate them and they couldn’t even learn human language. They slept and moved from place to place and behaved like animals.

The same thing happens to us. In the current social environment we are like animals and we cannot change ourselves, but subconsciously feel that we cannot remain in it any longer. But how can we leave it?!

Therefore, our task is to create small semi-enclosed settlements that would not be completely detached from the rest of society, but internally would operate according to a different principle of mutual help and connection. Thus people are educated to reveal new attributes of nature that are initially embedded in us but need to be developed.

However, since we were brought up among “animals” and therefore are such, we have to be placed among human beings so that we will become human. This is a great problem, but I think that it can be solved by using modern means of communication. The need for this is indeed gradually being revealed.

Today it is clear to everyone that we can easily reach corporeal satisfaction, but still a person fills a great emptiness inside that needs to be filled, and it is impossible to do so with the means we have. We cannot fill ourselves anymore, not by science, culture, or anything else.

We must understand what we are living for, and not only understand, but also reach the true meaning of life, which is above us and gives us the feeling of a whole eternal existence.

Below that there is only the corporeal existence, life inside the body. So begins the next phase. But first we have to pass through the new “Middle Ages” and only then will we be able to ascend to the eternal state. I cannot say exactly how it will all take place. But it is being born, just as any subsequent formation begins in the previous one.

Comment: You give a fairly optimistic message on the background of the universal despair.

Answer: This hopelessness is correct, positive. It actually provides a person with an urge to continue his evolution. It was the same in the Middle Ages and also before that.

Look at the different eras humanity underwent throughout our history: plagues, famine, migration of nations, climactic disasters, natural disasters, etc. Now everything is happening much more intensively, leading us forward faster. So personally, I am optimistic.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 8/19/15

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