The Missing Half Shekel

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I am ready to realize the advice of the teacher if it is a particular task and it is clear what must be done. But how can I realize the advice to discover spiritual worlds in a connection with the friends? This is not really clear.

Answer: If I am in a group and I have no feeling about it, then this means that I am disconnected from the spiritual world. The spiritual world is a place, a desire to bestow.  The desire to receive is the physical world.

The spiritual world is the place between us, the shared desire that we build together and where we connect. In the center of the connected desires, we discover Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Haya, and Yechida, which are called the Creator, the Keter that is discovered as a result of our effort.

This is what our teacher, the spiritual guide, teaches us, and it is up to us to realize this. How exactly we do this is written in books. If we clarify that we are not ready to realize this, then we scream, pray and ask. In addition to this, there is another possibility, and it is to go out and disseminate. Then we feel that we must return to the group and receive power from the center of the group to continue with dissemination.

And with dissemination we are back to the center of the group for we can bring fulfillment to people only through that. When we work mutually, we constantly go through changes and stages in our deficiencies.

Comment: I understand how to perform physical activities: going out to disseminate, sitting in a lesson. But I don’t know how we attain a connection with friends and how we discover the spiritual world between us.

Answer: To connect with the friends and discover the upper world within the connection, you only need to invest “half shekel,” to do only half of the work. You only need to develop the deficiency, and even that comes from the Light that Reforms. Fulfillment also comes from this Light.

But some kind of action is needed from your side to connect with everyone, in the form of a game, to the degree that you are ready to do so. Go out to disseminate to the wider public and do something for the benefit of the Creator. If it is good to Him, you must at least do half or a quarter of the action and “the Creator will finish it for you.”

Don’t think about the result for it is clear that you are not able to do anything spiritual. The Light does this. But effort is required from your side, not even in relation to the Light but to the collective Kli. And from this, a prayer for the Light will be produced.

There is no other possibility besides dissemination, meaning besides connection within a group and external efforts. When we go out to disseminate, we go out to connect. Rabash writes that “the main thing is unity of the friends because this compensates for all the deficiencies” including the physical deficiencies. Everything will improve if there is unity between us because the upper Light acts and fills all deficiencies. So we go out to connect as many external deficiencies as possible to us.
From the preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/26/14

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