Once Upon A Time In Cyprus

laitman_272Question: A worker in a government office in Cyprus Marios Droushiotis wrote a letter to the president of the country expressing his dissatisfaction with his high salary for his actual lack of activity. He wrote, “I sit. I don’t do anything and get 5,000 Euros. The state would have saved more money by simply telling me to stay home and paying me that way. At least, I wouldn’t be running up costs like heating, lights, and water by being at the office!”

Answer: As far as it seems, he wants to be the Prime Minister.

Question: Does that mean you don’t believe that he has a conscience?

Answer: It reminds me of how a person can steal and blush. There are covert motives here. If this were derived from a cry of conscience, he would have turned quietly and nicely and written a memo, “Reduce my salary by half.” The idea is that, ultimately, we don’t understand egoistic development. The ego doesn’t develop quantitatively by just growing. Rather, it also becomes greater qualitatively. It evolves in a direction of enhancement, acquiring newer, subtler, and more sophisticated forms. So, it can no longer be satisfied with money. People no longer aspire to honor, glory, and power. All of this has ceased to fulfill them.

Question: Where will this lead?

Answer: It will lead to people not wanting such a large choice of food and sex. They will not want to raise a family and have children. This desire simply will disappear, and people will have nothing to do with the idea. After that comes depression, the use of antidepressants, drug abuse, and suicide. The question is, what will be fulfilling?

Question: If the previous spectrum of egoistic values disappears, what will be the result?

Answer: All of us will reach one, big, universal outcry, like a wolf howling at the moon. That is how people also will go out and begin to howl upward, crying out toward the Creator, “What did you create us for, in the name of what, and why?! What do you want from us?” There will be a great howl like this all over the Earth toward the source of our existence, even unconsciously. It will lead us to decide that we must find the meaning of life. Nature couldn’t have been created with such perfection where there is no beginning or end, and there be no purpose to it. We just don’t see it.

What we are seeing today indicates that if a desire appears in us, it means that the source of its fulfillment, which is hidden from us, is illuminating us and stimulating this desire in us. This is to say, we can attain this fulfillment. Nature doesn’t just create something. A state of dissatisfaction appears, which is basically egoistic, and it directs us to search for the higher power, the higher source.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/4/16

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