Kabbalistic Meditation For The Sake Of Unity

laitman_933Question: In Kabbalah is there a kind of meditation, an inner contemplation or concentration? How is it different from Eastern meditation?

Answer: This is a completely different action. Kabbalistic “meditation” is the creation of intentions. The difference is that with intentions I concentrate my inner efforts on connection with others to unite practically with the people who aspire to unity between us. We want to reveal the power of unity and the love in this unity.

In other words, in Kabbalah a person is not isolated from the environment, but, to the contrary, seeks as much as possible to connect internally with it.

In the Eastern methods, a person can meditate alone, needing no one else. Even if people come together for this meditation, there is no practical connection between them. The method of Kabbalah suggests that it is within the group that we are looking for an opportunity to feel ourselves as one man.

Only under the condition that we achieve such unity like one man can we say that everyone loses his sense of self and is included in “we,” and when this “we” becomes “one” with the help of this one force, we reveal a spiritual degree.

To do this everyone must virtually cancel his egoism within the group, completely nullifying himself before the others. He cancels his “I” and accepts friends, instead of himself.

Thus, he comes out of himself to them so that his previous “I,” which supposedly existed separately, individually, disappears completely, and he feels himself in a new reality inseparable from others.

This feeling does not exist in our world and only can be achieved by using a special upper force of nature. It is the main engine of the method of correction.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/25/15

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