New Life #611 – The Redemption

New Life #611 – The Redemption
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

How can we prepare ourselves for the coming state of redemption, how do we recognize the special time of the days of the Messiah, and why is the right preparation only with the help of a group?


The wisdom of Kabbalah investigates the process within which we are led from the beginning of reality to its purpose. The higher power, whose nature is love and bestowal, created us egoists so that we would choose to resemble it. When we don’t choose to advance toward the characteristic of love as He has, then “blows” come upon us to move us forward.

The first to learn the program of creation was our father Abraham, and his students became the people of Israel. The redemption will come only through connection. Do we want to connect? A power called “Messiah” will come and draw us toward love. The redemption is when we become a single association with mutual love and bestowal, and the Creator dwells among us, the Gan Eden (paradise). We don’t need to die for this. If we connect, we can feel Gan Eden (heaven) now. If we don’t, we feel Gehinnom (hell).

So the world has been thrown into a general crisis today, a blind alley, emptiness. There is no happiness on the horizon. The wall that faces us was built from our egoistic characteristics, hiding the upper worlds from us.

Kabbalah doesn’t demand that a person believe; it is a scientific method for developing a higher perception. The redemption is rising from an egoistic nature to eternal life, not with the body but with consciousness.
From KabTV’s “New Life #611 – The Redemption,” 8/13/15

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