“All Is Good, But There Is No Happiness”

Laitman_715In the News (psychologies.ru): “I have an apartment, a car, a stable income, good health… and a feeling of emptiness. What lies behind the dissatisfaction of this strange desire? Is it exaggerated demands or the maturation of the soul? …

“The feeling of dissatisfaction may be the first step to an important question: ‘Who am I? What is the meaning of my life?’

“Unfortunately, our minds quickly gets used to the fact that until recently life had pleasure – a phenomenon that psychologists call hedonic adaptation. We get used to the fact that all is well. Even the strongest pleasure of meeting with a man or woman of your life after a while cease to be so sharp. Psychologically we are not created to experience eternal happiness.”

My Comment: Eternal happiness exists, but we need to change in order to feel it, and then we can feel eternal life, or more accurately, eternal existence. Kabbalah teaches this by creating new senses in a person that enable him to sense not within his egoism, but outside of it. Then a person becomes eternal and whole just like the world that is revealed to him.

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