A Global Economic Crisis Is Knocking At The Door

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (gazeta.ru): “The collapse of stock indices and the fall of prices of raw materials has led to hysteria and shock. Exports and imports are falling, the stock market bubble is deflating, the next is the real estate sector.

“The era of the consumer economy has ended in Europe and the United States. Demand that has been accelerated by providing loans has ceased to grow. For the world economy there is no need for metals or the current volumes of energy carriers. The Middle Eastern nations are adding problems to the oil market by needlessly inflating the oil market only to crush the competitors from the United States producing shale oil. In the United States there is a reduction in jobs in the petroleum and gas industry, and the threat of non-repayment of loans taken for the shale oil project is only growing.”

My Comment: There is no reason to panic. This is a gradual transition to a new form of existence, from one that is egoistic, beastly, and private, to one that is altruistic, humane, and social. Everything depends on awareness and on our form of participation in this transition, each person and all of us together.

An integral global system unites and forces us, both the person and the society, to be like it. Nature abhors, not just a vacuum, but also the lack of accommodation with it. To the degree of the lack of accommodation, it influences and works on the incompatible object through forces that return it to accommodation, resemblance, and balance with the general system of nature. We call these forces that correct a person and society a crisis.

In Greek: “κρίσις” is from the verb “κρίων” that means “to establish, to define, to choose.” The meaning of the word “crisis” is a solution, a turning point, meaning the point of correction, not destruction.

In Chinese, “Crisis” (危机 wei ji)—“wei” is danger, ji” is an activating mechanism, an incentive, a creative force (of nature). In Hebrew “Rashi”—The place for the midwife is found on the birthing stones, which are also called a Mashber” (crisis) instead of “stones.”

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