Why Aren’t Our Leaders Kabbalists?

laitman_627_1Question: If the wisdom of Kabbalah is such a wise science, why didn’t it become the leading ideology in the nation of Israel, which was established to unite and operate on the basis of its principles?

Answer: Because people are inherently egoistic. Kabbalah says that we need to rise above our egoism. So, very few people are willing to come and learn how to rise above their egos in unity, in love, and how to create an absolutely new system of mutual cooperation between us.

This system is good because it will be in resemblance to nature that surrounds us. A person then will be able to control his destiny. Otherwise, he does not manage it and constantly hits a wall.

Question: But aren’t our leaders interested in making the nation better?

Answer: Where have you seen leaders or people in general who truly are concerned about the world? I am not blaming anyone because our nature is completely egoistic.

At every moment of his existence, a person thinks only about how to benefit himself personally, and others generally don’t matter to him. Moreover, the worse it is for them, the better it will be for him. That is how we have been programmed by nature. There are no good or bad people; this is human nature.

One need not be a Kabbalist to understand this. This is also known by psychologists.
From the Webinar on zahav.ru 2/10/16

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