When The Common People Can Do It, The Elites Will Want It

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Question: Can we turn with our message to world leaders and give them example of the economic benefit of social unity? Is such unity also good for the government?

Answer: Yes, if it flows well and smoothly, without threatening the elites, then it is a good idea. This is because in a cohesive society, passions calm down, violence decreases, and conflicts fade. If today’s leaders were to tilt their ears toward the wisdom of Kabbalah and understand the mechanism of what is happening, then this would be another matter. However, they see their situation even more distorted than the economists. An economist follows his theories and ideas. If they don’t work, he finds others. On the other hand, people who manage the nation, any nation, possess a limited collection of monetary means and aggressive structures. On that basis, their mutual internal relationships are also built. Politicians don’t understand any other language. That is how they are built. Specifically as a result of aggressive opposition, they penetrate upward, and accordingly, the most brutal of them finds himself above them all. That is how the laws of egoistic society work.

Not A Revolution But Change

Question: Who, exactly, will begin to unite in its framework? Principally, from where will the process begin, from below or from above?

Answer: First of all, this process will not begin under pressure from one side or another. When people will learn the method of unity, they will understand how it is necessary to arrange mutual relationships, and even in the beginning, there will not be many—let’s say ten percent and after that fifteen or twenty—but this will change the face of the nation. Undercurrents will influence all the rest, for we are interconnected in an entirely integral system, and when I change, inevitably I change you.

If we truly learn about unity most of the day, then we will create a more intense force that will influence the nation through acquiring a new basis, a new spirit. It will be possible to feel it everywhere: Suddenly before everyone’s eyes, people will appear who feel themselves connected with everyone. That is how we will influence the middle class and the elite.

Realistic Benefit

Question: There are key figures who stand at the head of the regulatory institutions, the communications media, and other institutions that determine the way the wind blows in the nation. In what way can we interest them, other than total relaxation? Do we have some further economic or social message?

Answer: Certainly, we can show the leadership of the nation and the economists the real numbers, the calculations of profit that the nation will gain if ten or twenty percent of the population would compose a network of good mutual relationships between them.

This will reduce national expenditures, eliminate the black market, strengthen the institution of the family, reduce the amount of events that demand the involvement of all kinds of authorities and police, and so forth. In such a way, this is talking about a savings in means and resources on a large scale, and the main thing is that we reach balance! An entire sector of the nation will be satisfied with life not according to the polls, but truly. In the opposite case, there would be a need to spend much more to maintain at least an elementary level of satisfaction for the population.
From KabTV’s “The Solution” 5/6/15

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