Democracy In Action

In the News ( “Government is a concentration of power over the many in the hands of the few. Not everyone can have control; if everyone is in control, then basically it is possible to say that nobody has control.

“’Government by the people’ is a slogan, and the slogan has been shaped in such a form that nobody will have a complaint against it. Complaints against it are not aroused because the slogan has no concrete content. The slogan exists for the masses, whereas the elite see the people as slaves.

“In the market economy, everything is bought and sold, including democracy itself. So the governmental candidate is put up for public auction, and the buyer is the one who pays the most. Certainly the candidate will receive governance from the hands of the economic elite, behaving according to their desires. This is the democracy of the free market. True control is found only with a few tens of thousands of people, who are connected in a network of economic, political, social and familial interests. They are the ones who have influence in the government, in industry, in commerce, in finance, in the military, in the communications media, in medicine and in education.”

My Comment: The world has reached a crisis in government. Trying everything, we conclude that we cannot invent anything suitable. We have reached a blind alley. This is because our egoism rules in every government. Everyone would like to see altruists in government, but education is needed for this.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is designed for this. We must begin to use it to awaken the force that is resistant to our ego, the positive force, against the negative force. Then we will reach balance and build a new society. But this is possible only to the degree that there is education. Don’t build it now, but re-educate first. That is what we are beginning to do now!

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