The Sciences And The Wisdom Of Kabbalah

Laitman_109The sciences of our world investigate the forces that create it and operate within it. The wisdom of Kabbalah is a science that investigates the general force of the entire creation, the force that creates all of creation, including the part that is concealed from us. The general power of everything that exists that is called divine. The science of Kabbalah explores this.

In order to study the forces of our world, we use tools, devices, and various materials that exist in our world. At the same time, we study everything through our natural senses that we are accustomed to use because we exist and perceive only with them. To investigate the upper world, we must first acquire senses that reach the upper world, and only after that can we study it, just like in our world.

Therefore, the wisdom of Kabbalah includes two stages:

  • First, our senses are corrected to become like the upper world,
  • And then with their help, we study the upper world.

Adam discovered the wisdom of Kabbalah; he was the first Kabbalist. From him, the study of the higher power and the upper world began to be developed. The difference between the upper force and the upper world is that the higher power exists on its own, whereas the upper world is what a Kabbalist attains within himself as the discovery of the higher power within his characteristics.

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