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laitman_250Question: Abraham defined our reality as a combination of three factors: world, year, and soul, which in contemporary language means “space, time, and consciousness.” Is consciousness the same as the soul?

Answer: World, year, and soul (Olam, Shana, and Nefesh) are the three parameters in which humans exist. We cannot imagine ourselves without any of them.

The world is everything we perceive around us; that’s why it constantly changes. Because the world is changing, we feel the dynamics of its changes as “year” (time). The organ we perceive the world with is the soul.

However, all of this is subjective. In knowledge there is nothing objective, so science is completely subjective. If someone declares that something exists, nobody can argue with it. Anyone is allowed to act as they wish to the degree of their beliefs. It applies solely to the process of cognition of an earthly, corporeal person within the boundaries, properties, and tools that one has.

Comment: Abraham knew about the connection between space, time, and consciousness. Today, quantum physicists just started approaching this. In other words, Abraham knew things that humanity discovered only through the millennia.

Answer: Since the time of Abraham until today, humanity continued widening its five egoistic sensors. Since then, neither the world nor the time has changed.

Now we are on the verge of transitioning to the next level so material science has come to its final stage.

Kabbalists relates to these issues totally differently. They developed their super-cognition in order to change their perception of reality and attain the level at which they could rise above themselves.

”Rising above oneself” means going beyond one’s nature and egoism. It can be done by relocating, exiting oneself and merging with the others.

Kabbalah teaches us how to develop qualities that are beyond our animal body. If we succeed, our perception of reality will be totally different and won’t be subject to material laws.

Then we will form a different approach to the perception and study of the universe built on our ability to go outside ourselves and continue rising. That’s why “the world, year, and soul” will be replaced for us by three other components that belong to a different, higher level.

Soul and mind are equivalent. Soul is the inner perceiving part of a human being, one’s “I.” It allows us to control, differentiate between, and operate what we perceive. This is very important.

I think we get closer to this level. The fact is that there is a connection between this earthly level of cognition and the one that is higher than our material plane. It is called the link between the root and the branch. Therefore, we are able to draw parallels between all that we perceive at our level and the next, upper level and vice versa.

All the advanced science of the 20th century didn’t find a complete logical explanation of many phenomena, leaving them unsolved and unclear.  We will find the answers to all these questions only transitioning to the next, higher level.

I don’t know how it is possible to connect time, space, and perception on our material plane. These three notions are not compatible. Their mutual dependence remains unclear to us.

From the point of view of Kabbalah, consciousness in our world is all possible sensations in our egoistic desire. They are closed within us, so the whole world is inside our egoistic perception.

Comment: That is the conclusion drawn by physicists experimenting with the double slit. They actually understood that it is the observer’s cognition that defines the result of any experiment.

Answer: Physics, psychiatry, psychology, and every other material science will eventually agree that the world exists only in our mind, and only there do we exist.

But then we will need to take the next step: to expand human consciousness and manage it. This will give us the ability to control the universe, because all of it is in our minds.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah and Science” 10/7/15

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