The Upper World Is A World Of Information

laitman_219_01Question: In modern physics, the law of the conservation of information has become the most fundamental law. If before the main law was the law of the conservation of mass, energy, now it is information.

As a general rule, physics defines information as inversely proportional to entropy, that is, chaos. How is the soul/consciousness associated with this information?

Answer: This information is a clear comprehension of the relationships between the parts of the world we reveal in  Kabbalah.

The perception of the network of forces, their dependence and the interconnections between objects in this network and its connections, is information. Moreover, it is clearly calibrated and constantly changing, spilled from one place to another as in an ocean, between all the particles of the levels of the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking nature.

Information is found in every point of the network of forces, on all the levels that we specify. It aspires to fill the volume by itself, i.e., to transform not into a network but into a ball, a sphere, and when it reaches its full volume, then the creature reaches wholeness. In fact, complete information is what we call the “Creator.”

Everything that exists beyond this, besides knowledge, is a network of interconnections between the creatures that makes it possible for us to discover the information that fills this volume.

The information itself is originally there, in full, and its discovery is only relative to us. It is attained by us to the degree of the expansion of our consciousness, making it possible to discover this network.

In our world we always divide this information into completely different arbitrary sectors: physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, etc., into anything possible. But this indicates only the narrowness and the weakness of our perception.

In fact, information in the spiritual world is not perceived as existing in fragments, in various sciences. It is perceived as a single whole, and so even the perception of a small fragment of it is called the revelation of the Creator. In other words, the law of conservation of information says that in a closed system the amount of information is fixed.

In our world there exists only a weak glimmer of the information that descends from the upper world. Scientists are attracted to it, but they encounter a potential barrier between the two worlds.

Question: Is there some kind of feed that is descending from the upper world to our world?

Answer: Without a doubt! Our world is constantly gaining more nourishment from the upper world.

It is set on a particular program and encourages us to further development. If not for this illumination and its manifestation in our world in the form of more and more information, we would not aspire to it. A person cannot even subconsciously be attracted to something that doesn’t exist. So the information comes first and later the awakening of a desire for it.

This means that the physical world is an open system into which knowledge from the outside constantly streams. This contributes to the qualitative development of humanity.

So I hope that more and more Kabbalists will move through the potential barrier (Machsom) between our world and the next level, and this will produce such a good, beneficial connection between those below and above this barrier so that we will mutually help each other transfer more and more people through the barrier, or more precisely, their perceptions.

And then we will understand that even physical bodies actually have no place in our world because this is just one of the subjective feelings of physical existence.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah and Science” 10/7/15

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