For A Leader There Can Be No Personal Interests

Dr. Michael LaitmanA Product of the People

Question: In recent years a sensation has been created in society that the personal interests of leaders on various levels stand above public interests. Scandals erupt everywhere and a multitude of books have been published about the behavior of the authorities.

If in the past it had seemed that in the case of a clear conflict of personal and public interests, the latter were the winners. Before use today, however, as far as it seems, an opposite picture is depicted.

It is clear that the growing ego doesn’t let the leaders rest. Each one of them, among the rest, wants to enter at least a small corner in history and inscribe his name on its tablets. Many efforts are devoted to the struggle to attribute these or other accomplishments to themselves. More than that, decisions are often made with the thought about the recognition that they can bring.

So what motivates the leaders today? How can they integrate personal and public interests into their activities?

Answer: I don’t think that the leaders, in this sense, are any worse than the people. After all, they grew out of this group. Suppose that a former military commander or factory manager or department head decides to go into politics. Essentially, he is a product of the people and not from a royal dynasty. He learned in the general educational system, finished school and university, and lives like everyone else.

Now he stands before the people because he has a stronger ego and more energy. In addition, individuals from the environment encourage and motivate him to continue to grow and there are also those who help him with money and connections.

In general, behind every person that imagines himself as our leader stand interests that are waiting to profit from his coming to power.

A Leader Without “Baggage”

Question: Is there a need for a special system of education for leaders?

Answer: Certainly. But this is not from the present schooling that exists for leaders, the actual results of which are not convincing.

The problem is otherwise. To be a true leader, a person must rise above his ego. He must be faithful to the people and even the world, which is not heard of today. First of all, he must absolutely be detached from personal interests. In this context, a street cleaner could be a better leader if he has an inclination for the common good.

In other words, to lead people correctly, someone is needed who is ready to do everything required for the sake of the people and someone who has no personal but only public interests. It is possible to check this in a very simple way. A person is immediately ready to get rid of all his baggage except for that part that he and society recognize as useful to the people.

Question: What must a true leader be ready to give up?

Answer: Everything. He would be ready to quit the position of prime minister and become a simple worker if this were in everyone’s interest. The good of the people must be the highest value for him. But we see an opposite picture. People who have already undermined the people’s trust in them and who have already found themselves under public contempt, have presented before everyone their nothingness. In spite of the lack of understanding and limitations, time after time and year after year, they climb higher.

Leaders are held strongly by their chairs, benefits, and glory. They are ready to satisfy their ambitions at any price, even though in the end, the people pay the price. This is doubly dangerous for Israel, which is under a constant external threat of annihilation.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/16/14

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