We Must Embrace Nature In Order To Move Forward

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe early elections in Israel are accompanied by a serious crisis of confidence between the public and its elected representatives. It is no accident that one of the headlines in the newspapers was “The Knesset has Dissolved.” Yet the members of the Knesset voted for dissolution because they understood that the confidence of the public has dropped in recent years.

The public feels that politicians are cut off from them and this arouses disappointment, especially among young people. Many don’t see a reason for going to vote because they don’t expect any change for the better. Few think that the elections will truly help us solve the issues of housing, the cost of living, social relations, and security.

When people hear the campaign promises, they know that immediately after the elections everyone will forget about them until the next election. All we have left is a feeling of bitterness due to the lack of the ability to influence anything. Even the [Israeli] president recently expressed his concern about people not not going out to vote.

Clearly, a lack of faith in the leadership of the nation and the party that is elected undermines the foundations of democracy and has serious consequences. In the last decade, this phenomenon has spread among many nations in the West. And accordingly, fewer and fewer citizens go to the polls to vote, with the percentage of voters going down by double digits, which is a significant change.

Question: How did we arrive at a situation like this?

Answer: First of all, we must understand that the development of the world is subject to a particular program. Even though we are not aware of it, the course of history indicates this.

Sure, there were prominent figures like Napoleon, Lenin, Hitler, and Einstein who contributed greatly to history. That is, there are people through whom this program has been revealed in the world. But in general, the program continues to work, and it makes no difference who sits in Congress, in the Duma, in the Knesset, in the Majlis, or any other elected parliament.

After all, we are within a system called nature, and to the degree that we investigate it, we discover a rigid immutable law, without any concessions to anyone no matter how much one is sorry or concerned. Ultimately, nature relates simply to the levels of the still, vegetative, animate, and human, and has activated them to bring about a specific purpose from the beginning of creation until its end.

So when we choose people like these or others, it is up to us to understand that, in fact, this doesn’t change the program of nature. Rather what is important is how much these people understand the general program of nature and know how to bring the society to accord with it. This is precisely the place to introduce change, to transform our lives to become easier and more pleasant. This is because if we accommodate ourselves to this program, we will have fewer troubles.

But on the other hand, if we don’t understand the program, or even deny its existence, we will always stumble across unpleasant phenomena. And it is no wonder. Can we go against nature? Because of our lack of knowledge, we try to go against it, and we decided to build Communism and are quick to perform social experiments, but all these steps must be derived from nature. Without recognition of its laws, we are almost surely wrong in all of our activities. As a result, we waste a lot of energy, money, and resources, and, in spite of it all, we cannot realize our programs because they are not adjusted to the program of nature.

Question: What happens when we go against nature?

Answer: We find ourselves in trouble. For example, the politicians suggest completely contradictory solutions and one doesn’t listen to the other, leading us to a crisis. This is not to say that the elected public officials don’t want to or cannot help, but that they don’t bring their programs into coordination with the program of nature. This is particularly so in our time. For in the last 30 to 50 years, humanity has gradually reached a state in which it must intentionally and independently participate in its development. It is up to a person to be aware of the program of nature, to investigate it, and accordingly organize himself and society.

For thousands of years and up until the last half of the previous century, nature didn’t ask us how we wanted to develop and didn’t obligate us to develop according to its goal from an understanding of the program and its purpose. Rather, we were like a herd that advances with the help of blows, problems and pressures of various kinds like natural disasters, wars, social conflicts, the high cost of living, unemployment, family problems, and so forth.

But now we have reached a situation in which we must rise to the level of Adam (Man), who is a creature whose head begins to be similar to the program of nature. He begins to understand and attain creation, and from beginning to end, he sees the causes and effects and the possibility of proper participation in a process that runs through nature. Otherwise, this process will pass over us like a steamroller, “in its time,” and we will have no escape.

Therefore, it is up to us to learn the program and advance through the way of “I will hasten it,” and accordingly we take proactive measures.

This means that we ourselves will change, reaching a level in which we understand what nature demands from us. Then, according to the pressures of nature, we will respond immediately, time after time, and advance in a harmonious embrace with it.

In principle, this approach has been relevant since the end of the 19th century, but from the middle of the previous century, it was necessary and in the last 20 to 30 years, it has become obvious.

As a citizen, who can I vote for? Can I rely on someone when I see that the ritual of elections in the world brings nothing but new problems? Every leader promises that he is ready to help people in every way possible. Let’s say this is right, and he is truly ready, but he doesn’t know how to do it.

So advancement will be in a particular direction that is independent of the prime minister or some president whom we curse. The crisis of confidence among the people towards their leaders is a natural phenomenon. And the problem is not in the leaders themselves. Even if they were truly committed to the people and their welfare, their plans still aren’t feasible.

There is only one way to succeed, and that is if leaders and the people will learn the essence of the question: towards what are we advancing under the pressure of nature? Then we would understand that it could be that it is not worthwhile for us to fight directly against the cost of living, the deterioration of education, the crisis in the family, and against corruption. It could be that we find a solution on an absolutely different plane. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, in such a , we would solely and only take care of the social issue.

Even today in the parties and in many organizations social issues are their top priority. But even if they understand that the leverage found here possesses immense potential, where can they find how to activate it? This is possible only if we open nature up and investigate it deeply.

So, even someone who wants to make changes for the better doesn’t succeed. As usual, the intentions are good, but the actions and their results are the opposite. We see this in regard to the last term of the government. A number of ministers were determined to succeed, but at the end, they entered into such great crisis that today all of the people ridicule and despise them.

The time has come for the people to understand the reason for the despair, why they despise their leaders and why there is a crisis of confidence in those who represent the people. We are already approaching this understanding.

For this, people must know what is really happening. It is up to them to understand that it is not right to punish and reject the politicians who sit in the Knesset, in the government, and in the various organizations. First of all, it is up to us to go back to school and learn the program of nature.

Humanity, and in particular the people of Israel, is entering into a new era. Today we must understand how nature is leading us and toward what goal. What is the shape, pattern, and model that our society must accept; how do we adapt ourselves to it, and accordingly, how must society change year after year?

We will change society ourselves and not through the blows of nature. In today’s situation, people must purposefully participate in these changes.

There is no escaping this. We cannot be released from this burden by holding the leaders and elected representatives accountable. None of them are ready for this task. First of all, it is up to us to learn what nature requires from us. There are people who call this force the divine or higher power because it is higher than us. This is because if a tsunami were to come, it would be beyond our abilities to deal with it. In other words, it is up to us to know how to behave in regard to it.

Our goal is to begin to learn, understand, and become familiar with the situation. This belongs to the officials elected by the people and those who elected them. We will then see which of us are ready to connect. Indeed, studies show that we need to connect “as one person with one heart” and not divide into many camps that devour one another.

There must be a completely opposite trend and a new perception that inspires people who are ready to correctly answer the questions that nature presents to us. In fact, all of the questions that nature places before us are solved through connection.

But if we continue to act according to the old methods, we can expect many more difficult problems than before. For the process is moving forward, and if we still have not adapted to the program of nature, we will endure much more suffering.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/09/14

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