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Question: We often see how a new person enters into the political system with a true and honest desire to make beneficial changes, but then finds himself in a corrupt cycle.

To get results he must act according to the rules of the system. So it begins to “mold” him until the innovative spirit in him is transformed into the stale atmosphere of the old institutions. Is it possible to avoid this? Can it be otherwise?

Answer: No. In the framework of the old system we have no chance. When the person enters, he goes through the “molding of a new image”; this is an unavoidable situation and he can no longer produce anything qualitatively new.

Question: In the recent 19th [Israeli] Knesset, 53 new members entered the Knesset entered, just about half of the number of the members of the Knesset. At first they were a powerful force desiring change; however, in the end, nothing changed in principle. After all, isn’t this illogical?

Answer: In a broken egoistic society, the political leadership is more egoistic and damaged than anyone. This is because the leaders are chosen as its most successful representatives according to the criteria of this society. They are a mirror image of the people. They are us, only at a later stage.

The system “swallows” them like a grinder and already “spits them out” as others. The person must communicate, play his role, conduct all kinds of business, make appearances, arrange meetings, work, and keep all the existing norms. He has no other choice; one way or another he is thrown into a very difficult system and is forced to adapt himself to it. Otherwise it won’t “hear” him; it will have no business with him.

First they greet him warmly, but after that, when he talks about something tangible, they tell him: “No, we do things differently. Yes, certainly changes are required, but it is necessary to work according to the general rules, taking into account all kinds of interests and spheres of influence….”

In the end, the system makes what it needs of the person, not one piece remains of what he was before. They “format” him; they “polish” him like a wooden puppet. He was one puppet, he becomes another.

After half a year of this kind of acclimation to the system, the person forgets how he was before. He no longer is the same person; he no longer remembers the grandiose thoughts such as the reduction in the cost of housing or food. Furthermore, they let him manage the framework within which it is possible to lower the prices, and in this way, when he becomes a minister, he is unable to do anything.

The Changes Will Come from Below

The system of government is a monster that “swallows” people and unifies them in the general pattern. It is not a head of government, not the ministers, and not the members of the Knesset. The entire structure is built in such a way that change is almost completely blocked.

What was will be. The power, the enthusiasm, the sincere intentions, the talents and abilities, all of these are powerless against the system. “Does he want to help society? Does he want to lower taxes and prices? Please! Let’s all go and help him! Forward!” And after half a year passes it becomes clear that he already forgot the great plans, he didn’t do anything, and he won’t.

You can write notes to yourself with reminders about the personal promises; in every case, urgent matters and endless combinations of them will draw you into the routine. The system, the influence of the environment, obligates the person to take on a new form.

Question: Is there another possibility for changing the government?

Answer: No. Our only possibility is to begin the movement “from below,” from the side of the people. It is necessary to teach the people through all kinds of channels, by means of the media, books, lectures, and workshops in which we bring people a new agenda, a new goal. Moreover, achieving this won’t depend on the government; it is not necessary for instructions to come down from a ruling hierarchy. We will teach the people what proper connection and unity are; we will teach them the correct relationships, and then the changes will come.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/16/14

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