Receiving Illumination Through Suffering

laitman_424_02Question: Is it possible to discover the Creator without studying according to a method with a teacher and books?

Answer: It is possible, but this is very difficult. There have historically been Kabbalists who attained serious and high states without study.

One of the cases was a person who attained the upper world when he was in a Soviet concentration camp. He began to write in Hebrew there even though he didn’t know the language at all. It is considered that the book was written in a high language that nobody speaks and nobody understands.

I showed his book to my teacher Rabash and he said that this was a very high spiritual attainment, but it is individual like the Book of Psalms by King David.

I was amazed at how a person who doesn’t know the language could write something like this. Rabash answered that it was specifically the great suffering that he went through, which revealed the upper world to him, and he expressed his feelings in writing.

It is necessary to understand that we exist in the upper world, but we lack the desire for it whereas for him, there was a breakthrough into the upper world. There was an additional case of a person who also sat in the prison cell of a concentration camp, and from tremendous longing and great suffering he began to feel the upper world, although not clearly. But he felt as if everything enveloped and held him. This is a normal first feeling of the upper world, and that is what he described in a book.

When he reached Israel sometime later, we met, but all of his spiritual sensations had disappeared. It could be that if he had remained in a camp, he would have reached a greater attainment. Since this didn’t happen, he will live this life without physical suffering. But he had an illumination there and the opportunity to discover the upper world specifically from a state of suffering.

Comment: There are many people who suffer and don’t receive an illumination like this.

Answer: It depends on from what they are suffering. If a person suffers because he is searching for the meaning of life, this could end with the revelation of some kind of illumination. We are found in an ocean of Upper Light, but we don’t have a strong desire for it. When the desire appears in a person, he has some kind of vigilance and he makes an effort so he will feel a higher illumination.

Question: If a person receives illumination through suffering, does this mean that we were created to suffer?

Answer: No, a person is born to discover eternity, the infinite, perfection, and harmony. Suffering is not the right way to attain the upper world, and if this happens, then the contact with the upper world is temporary because the person doesn’t develop permanent desires for spirituality. I don’t suggest considering the example that I gave because a temporary illumination like this comes in moments of very great disappointment and despair when a person sees absolute darkness in front of him.

This is called the “illumination of Malchut,” an abyss that is not a void, not anything except coldness; instead, it is a state in which all substance seems to freeze in him. That is, the person has moved to the beginning of the creation of the universe.

This is possible because all of us are moving in a timeless dimension. States like these can be experienced when the ego disappears, but they don’t give anything. In moments of intense suffering, a person can feel some kind of detachment from his ego because suffering pushes him toward it.

His entire being is suffering and he wants to leap out of his body, apparently to stop existing. In a state like this he can feel a little detachment, but even though this is a state of antimatter, it is far from being spiritual.

If you want to achieve conscious fulfillment from the higher force correctly and rapidly, it is possible only through connection with friends according to the correct Kabbalistic method. All the other ways are incorrect.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/20/15

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