Plan Of Separation From The Palestinian Authority

laitman_559Comment: The chairman of the opposition Itzhak Hertzog demands the complete separation of Israel from the Palestinians: “I want to separate from as many Palestinians as possible as soon as possible,” he asserted in a speech he gave at a convention in the INSS in Tel Aviv, “They are there and we are here; let’s build a big wall between us.”

Hertzog presented a new plan in which he suggests building a fence around the big Arab settlements declaring that “only the separation between them and us will guarantee a Jewish majority in the state of Israel. Only the separation between us and them will prevent the penetration of terrorists and increase our sense of security.”

Answer: I don’t think this will prevent the penetration of terrorists since there is actually no barrier against terrorists and no border can be absolutely sealed.

My belief based on the wisdom of Kabbalah is that we should actually focus on unity between us that will draw all the nations of the world to unite around us! And first and foremost the people who are closest to us historically, mentally, and linguistically because Arabic is very close to Hebrew.

Therefore, we should change our attitude toward Arabs in Israel and the surrounding countries. Our teacher, the great Kabbalist Baal HaSulam, Rav Yehuda Leib Ashlag, wrote about it.

Personally I regard such expressions about the issue very carefully and doubt whether they have any practical meaning at all.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/8/16

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