If You Don’t Work, You Don’t Eat

Laitman_408From the News (Huffington Post): “Food stamp enrollment is expected to fall by 1 million next year thanks to harsher rules, according to a new report by a liberal Washington, D.C., think tank. …

“After this year, states will have to reimpose requirements that able-bodied childless adults enroll in job training or work 20 hours per week if they want more than three months of food stamps. …

“‘The loss of benefits will likely increase hardship for these 1 million unemployed Americans who rely upon SNAP to meet their basic nutritional needs,’ Bolen wrote on the CBPP’s website. ‘With Congress unlikely to act, states need to begin planning for the reduction to ensure that clients and the many organizations and SNAP stakeholders that work with them are aware of the upcoming change and its effects.’

(Wisconsin State Journal): Nearly 15,000 people lost access to food stamps in the first three months of a new law that requires some recipients to seek employment, new state data show. …

“The 2013-15 [Wisconsin] state budget created a rule for some recipients of the state’s food stamp program known as FoodShare: If you’re an able-bodied adult without children living at home, you must work at least 80 hours a month or look for work to stay in the program.

“That rule went into effect in April, and between July and September, about 25 percent of the 60,000 recipients eligible to work were dropped from the program when the penalty took effect, according to DHS data. …

“DHS responded on Nov. 17 saying based on anecdotal information from U.S. Department of Agriculture, which oversees the federal food stamp program, roughly 60 percent of eligible recipients lost access to food stamps under rules similar to Wisconsin’s, and 10 to 30 percent found jobs.

My Comment: The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us in the “The Last Generation” by Baal HaSulam how to build a society that resembles nature in which everyone works as much as needed in order to provide the basic necessities for himself and for society, and everything is divided in a relatively equal manner between everyone, and all the extra free time is dedicated to educating humanity and teaching the method of resembling nature.

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