What Is “Love Your Neighbor”?

laitman_938_04“Love thy neighbor” means connecting with your friend into one single integral system. All of us together are a single system; we are connected between us, and we are already beginning to discover our full dependence on each other.

A system of full mutual connection envelops all of humanity in intelligence and thought, in heart and desire. Within this system all of us are connected with each other, and our thoughts and emotions pass from one to the other.

But we must learn to manage this system called Adam (Man); we need to restore it from the separated and shattered fragments that are distant from each other. If we connect between us and connect these small fragments together, then we will see ourselves in an absolutely corrected state. Whether we want it or not, we must reach this state.

Question: It follows that “love thy neighbor” means giving your friend the power to advance more rapidly toward sensing this system?

Answer: Certainly, we must take the opportunity to help others participate in this also. It is up to us to help each other enter into the general system as rapidly as possible and to begin to connect it together. Then we will begin to feel not only where the contact and connection with each of the others is, but we will also feel the higher, eternal life that flows through this integral system. This must be learned, but elementarily, mainly to understand the basics. And most important is that we must realize it in the connection between us.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/27/15

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