Anti-Islamic Demonstrations In Europe

laitman_220Question: There have been several anti-Islamic demonstrations in Europe lately, but they were not very effective. 2,000 people went out to the streets in Dresden, Germany and 5,000 in Prague. Thousands also demonstrated in Britain, France, Ireland, Poland, and Holland, but hundreds of thousands were expected. It seems that people in Europe do not object to the massive immigration.

Answer: Europe has grown old, is exhausted and inclined to fascism. Today, there are several streams of fascism in the world that deeply penetrate modern ideology.

Question: Why don’t the fascists go out to the streets?

Answer: They do. For them, the current demonstrations in Europe are a kind of push to go out and show themselves. Different streams of fascism are forming all over the world now: ordinary fascism, Islamic fascism that is forming specifically in Europe now, and different streams of homophobic fascism. There are streams of fascism that are changing their form based on the principle of the rule of the minority over the majority and they take on clear fascists forms.

This process also is taking place in America. Europe is responding very mildly to the rise of Islam, and here much depends on the media, but most Europeans are naturally inclined to be under the influence of America. Therefore, it turns out that America cools off the European response through the Internet and the media.

Question: Could it be that the masses in impotent Europe will suddenly go out to the streets?

Answer: Europe isn’t united enough to do that. It is disintegrating because of its attempt to unite on an economic basis. In fact, an economic basis only leads to division and doesn’t unite people. The very idea of the EU connecting on the basis of the economy was a big mistake!

The economy only separates people. There are many more examples of people who drew apart and became hostile to one another, even when the economic signals were positive, than instances of a uniting economy. This is the reason that Islam can penetrate Europe so easily, like a knife cutting through butter.

The EU has grown very weak in the attempt to unite on an economic level and has allowed itself to grow so weak that Islam can now easily rape it, and it can do nothing against it.

According to recent reports, about 15,000 Muslims are gathering on the border of Turkey every day, and Turkey, of course, is allowing them to pass. It has no choice. What is more, it is taking advantage of the situation and demanding to be paid two billion dollars a month in order to stop the flow of refugees. No one is going to stop it, of course, and Turkey will not do it because it would create a jam that would tear the entire country to pieces.

This problem basically has no solution. Europe already has lost this war, and the question now is what kind of fascism will rule it. Ideological fascism will rule America and although all this already exists in Europe, there will be Islamic fascism there.

Question: Do you believe that there will be more massive demonstrations against fascism?

Answer: No, because the demonstrations will be suppressed by the authorities who don’t know how to deal with it. When there is a serious program of action  with the forces and means to implement it, they can bring the people to the streets and encourage it. But when the governments have nothing to cope with this phenomenon, they will not allow it because they will not want to show their powerlessness to oppose the people. Therefore, the governments will quiet down everything the moment that it begins.

Today the world needs a new ideology that will withstand global fascism and will be revealed in different forms and by different forces since fascism is beginning to take on certain forms in Latin America too, and gradually will appear as well in China and India but in different forms. The only solution here is a new ideology, and that is the method of unity that the wisdom of Kabbalah offers. Nothing else.

Question: But fascism is also a form of unity.

Answer: Fascism is a very powerful form of unity based on hatred, while the method of unity that the wisdom of Kabbalah offers is the unity of goodness above all differences, and that doesn’t exist in the world.

Fascism is fueled by a big ego, by hatred, and eventually brings the world to mutual annihilation. Humanity needs to internalize that and acknowledge the fact that only an ideology of unity that is opposite to fascism can save the world, and this is where they will realize that there is such an ideology.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/7/16

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