2016 – What Will Happen In Europe?

Laitman_419Question: Will Europe be able to cope with the influx of immigrants? How will it be able to do this?

Answer: No, for Europe, there is no chance of uniting, even when faced by the threat of annihilation. They don’t have a common goal or a common system of universal education. To bring Europe to unification, it is necessary to educate the population. And they have only engaged in unifying the banks. What sense is there in that?

Question: Does this mean that economic union is not enough for them?

Answer: This is not union, but a hidden where America seems to stand on the sidelines while Germany puts pressure on everyone and harvests the yield.

The European nations were placed in such a framework without the option of refusing entry into the European Union. If Greece had not joined the union, they would have been trampled economically. That is, it was not a voluntary connection, not for a common goal.

I used to live in the Baltic region and I am very familiar with that area. They are in shock and disbelief over what Europe did to them after they entered the Common Market. They were forbidden to produce dairy products and had to slaughter their cows. Can you imagine what this prohibition meant for the Baltic region? They don’t have anything to sell and nothing  to make a living from.

They same was done to Portugal through banning fishing and to Greece in regulating olive growing. That is, the EU does what is convenient for the top, destroying the traditional industries of many European nations.

Question: But wasn’t there some kind of cultural exchange between them?

Answer: There is no cultural exchange. There is no common language training, etc. This is not union, but coercion. Therefore, in the absence of joint action, the Union decays.

Question: Does this mean that, in 2016, the black and white flag of Islam will rise over Europe even higher than in the year 2015?

Answer: This is without a doubt. The ideology of Islam will continue to seep into there, and millions of Europeans will accept Islam.

Question: But there are more powerful nations, like the UK, for example.

Answer: The British and the Poles will cope with this. But it is unlikely that the rest of the peoples will,  including the Russians.

Question: But Putin has not ruled out using nuclear weapons against ISIS.

Answer: There is no concrete power against ISIS because it is an ideology. It is not a physical force or an army so it is impossible to defeat it just like that.

Question: How will these changes influence the attitude of Europe toward the Jews living there and to Israel?

Answer: It will be for the worse. The fact is that all the problems that appear in the world are still interpreted by all mankind as ostensibly emanating from the Jews. And indeed it is.

Question: So, what will happen to Israel? Could a refugee situation similar to what is happening in Europe occur here?

Answer: This really depends on the Jews living here, on the union between them and how much they can overcome the economic, political, physical, and military barriers on the way to this.

Question: We have fences with a height of four meters.

Answer: Everything depends only on the union of the people. This is the true barrier. If there is no union, fences will not help.
From the Webinar on zahav.ru 1/13/16

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