New Life 534 – The Book Of Esther: Who Is The King?

New Life 534 – The Book Of Esther: Who Is The King?
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

We are used to a powerful figure of a king who rules bravely, while Ahasuerus is described as a strange king, Ahasuerus is a king that is managed by others. This is meant to teach us that the upper force allows us to manage our world.

When the word “king” is mentioned, it refers to the Creator, to the upper force of nature, to the general plan of the evolution of reality.

If we approach the king correctly, we can improve our situation. There is a clear consistent predetermined plan of nature that operates like computer software. The plan is to bring the whole world to correction, to bring all of reality to wholeness.

The Jews during that time were dispersed in 127 states. They didn’t care about anything, and each one cared only about himself. At the peak of their separation, at the peak of their disconnection from unity and love that was supposed to be felt between them, Haman arrives.

They have no connection with godliness, with the force of love and giving. Our nation was founded on love of others, on mercy, on the connection between people, in order to discover the upper force. The moment we descend to the lowest point in our relations, an external enemy arrives and threatens to destroy us. This is how Haman, Hitler, and Stalin appeared. If the relations between us had been good, they would not have appeared.

It is a simple equation and it repeats itself: separation leads to Haman, connection leads to wellness. Connection means being incorporated in one another by mutual caring and consideration, through “love thy friend as thyself.” Despite the big ego that everyone has today, we can summon a miracle that will connect us. We can choose how we want to arrive at the predetermined goal, and this is the reason that we have the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “New Life 534 – The Book Of Esther – Who Is The King Here?” 3/3/15

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