Religion In The Mirror Of Kabbalah

Laitman_109Research (from “Co-operation is a key component in human interaction and also, according to new research from the University of British Columbia, the spread of civilisation. Not because [of] any altruistic reason, though; instead it might be directly down to a fear of a vengeful god.

“In a study published by Nature, a team from the university found that it wasn’t a belief in divine reward that promoted co-operation, but a fear of punishment.

“’Co-operation among throngs of strangers in expanding societies required a common faith in moralistic gods,’ said Benjamin Purzycki, who conducted the research.

“Worshippers believed that these gods were able to read thoughts, observe good and bad behaviour and punish and reward them accordingly, the study suggests. Shared beliefs about these gods apparently paved the way for trade networks, economies and institutions such as governments and courts.”

My Comment: Religions are a kind of club or lifestyle. Humanity needs frameworks like these for its development until its finds its inadequacy to solve social problems—the mutual hatred and rejection. After all, the religions are fundamentally egoistic, as is the human society in which they came to exist and continued to develop, until present day.

The masses, in any case, need to find the wisdom of Kabbalah, and will be compelled to sell it. However, as Baal HaSulam writes, everyone can remain in his religion. This is because the Kabbalah only reveals the characteristic of bestowal and love toward others. Religion fills a person’s “niche of the unknown.”

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