The Objective Perception Of The World

Laitman_197_01Comment: Scientists have discovered that every object, from cars, birds, or people’s faces to the letters of the alphabet seem different to people who know them from those who see them for the first time.

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah differs from other sciences since it immediately shows a person the world on the next level, and so all the current and future studies, which always reveal something new to the ego are not considered new according to the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Kabbalah immediately provides us with the basis for the egoistic perception of the world and that which is above the ego, therefore everything that exists on these two levels, and between them, a person who studies Kabbalah begins to perceive absolutely correctly.

There is never an actual face or form, so a person’s perception depends only on the extent to which he is an in absolutely objective state, that is, rising above all his sensations.

After all, everything that we feel we sense in our desires, characteristics, and feelings. If our attributes changed, we would see the trees, the sky, the birds, the earth, people, and everything that surrounds us differently from the way they are depicted to us now. It depends on our internal attributes.

If a person from another planet came here, he would perceive everything in this world in a totally different manner than the way we perceive it in our attributes. It is therefore impossible to say that there are forms in this world, sights, attributes, or laws that are objective and independent. Everything is revealed and exists only in a person’s individual attitude.

Let’s become acquainted with different objects and the world more deeply, meaning what they represent. And then we would cease to see our world and instead would begin to see the upper spiritual world: the forces, the mutual connections, the intrinsic properties, which are now depicted to us as corporeal objects.

And if we penetrate more deeply, we will cease to see corporeal objects since they don’t exist. We will only see the properties rather than the material bodies.

If a person has been married for forty years, for example, he is used to seeing a certain figure instead of his wife, and she also perceives him as an image that is built by his attributes, by their mutual relations, etc. People get used to each other and don’t pay attention to certain attributes that each one has.

This can somehow be compared to what would happen to us if we began to acquire the attribute of the upper world. We would simply see it instead of our world. It is just as a wife sees her husband in a totally different manner than a stranger would see him, since for her he is a more internal image than the external image.

This is also how we would see the internal image of our world that is called the upper world. We would see forces and attributes, not the external wrappings that our five corporeal senses depict for us.

Everyone can do that. We only have to learn about the upper world, and then the internal attributes that match its attributes will appear in us. We will begin to feel it just as it really is and our world in the form of objects will disappear.

Question: If I see a table, a wall, you, etc., on the dimension of this world, will I see forces when I rise above this dimension?

Answer: Yes, forces that depict in you such objects that don’t really exist.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/10/16

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