Mutual Connection Used As A Weapon

 271Opinion (, once heralded as a barrier to conflict, has turned into a currency of power, as countries try to exploit the asymmetries in their relations. Many have understood that the trick is to make your competitors more dependent on you than you are on them – and then use that dependency to manipulate their behaviour.

“Like when a marriage goes wrong, it is the innumerable links and dependencies that make any war of the roses effective – and painful. Many of the tools look familiar to those employed during the globalisation of the 1990s, but their purpose is different.

“The global trading regime, once a tool of integration, has been riven by economic and financial sanctions. Likewise, global multilateral institutions are increasingly sidelined by a new generation of competing friendship clubs. Rather than using infrastructure and the construction of physical infrastructure links as a way to maximise profits, China and the US are using them as a tool for power projection. And even the internet is being used as a weapon, and fragmented because of concerns about privacy and security.

“This means that countries that do not depend too much on any single other country (with a diversified economy; able to import energy from many places) will be shielded from most geo-economic attacks.”

My Comment: All that is done by man in this world is done through egoism. Therefore there are no positive results that can be derived from it. Recognition of its harm, meaning the recognition of evil in all of our actions, leads to its replacement by another action, which also reveals itself as the next evil, and so on, until we become disappointed by all our actions and, in desperation, hear what the wisdom of Kabbalah offers us. We must first remake ourselves and then we can do anything.

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