The World On The Threshold Of A Paradigm Shift

 Opinion (Dmitry Medvedev): “Today, we are in fact on the verge of a paradigm shift in prevailing international economic relations. Traditional schemes do not work, political expediency takes precedence over the clear economic calculation. Rules often rewritten of ad hocand sometimes simply ignored. Suffice it to recall, as the International Monetary Fund has just altered the fundamental rules of the lending countries with outstanding sovereign debt, when we are talking about the sovereign debt of Ukraine to Russia.

“Talks on a large-scale economic megablocks are fraught with the loss of the system of common rules in the global economic space.

“Part of a bad joke played with us and globalization, to which we have all sought. I personally talked about it during the meetings of the then all the desired ‘Group of Eight.’ But times change, even small changes in the economy of one country now have an almost instantaneous effect on the markets and entire states. Global regulatory mechanisms do not have time to balance the interests of the parties. …

“This is – a road to nowhere. Everyone would be worse, no doubt. Instead, throw a vital force in the consolidation of a new global system that combines the principles of efficiency and equity, market openness, and social protection.”

My Comment: There is nothing new in this statement, but also there is no solution for anyone. The new paradigm must amount to bringing humanity to a full and good general association. This is possible only in the same situation of absolute dependence, which led us to our political, economic, cultural, and social development and so forth.

Either the world will accept such a scenario of the future, or it will be worse, as the politicians and economists say. The wisdom of Kabbalah provides a complete analysis of what is happening, the solution, as well as the program and method for implementation. A change in paradigm is inevitable.

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