Can The War Save The World?

Would The War Save The World? In the News (from Economic crisis is not over yet, on the contrary, it deepens. Since the traditional recipes to fight the crisis does not work, the American economist Paul Farrell offers unconventional way out of the recession. He believes that to save the world from the crisis can be the new big war. Fortunately, this proposal is a lot of opponents among economists.
“However, this theory is a lot of opponents.

“’To draw Parallels with the great depression and the current crisis is very fashionable. However, those who do it, forget that some of the country out of recession, and some, on the contrary, almost ruined,’ – recalls the chief economist of the AFK ‘Sistema’ Evgeny Nadorshin. “In his opinion, the military conflict will not be able to lead the world out of the state of economic decline.

“Small war like the Iraq and Afghan not give a significant economic effect. A large-scale war will lead to the so terrifying consequences that the world economy as a whole still will not grow,” – says Nadorshin.
“The effect of the war is that it creates a strong demand for production.
“’Now in the world there is no demand, as the governments of many countries there is no possibility to create it. Developed States came to a crisis of 2008, with huge accumulated debts,’ – explains Nadorshin.

“However, to create a demand can be and peaceful methods. As an example of such methods, the expert cites green technologies.

“’The economic effect of the introduction of these technologies will be such that no war can be compared,’ says Nadorshin.

“An indirect confirmation of his words is the fact that simultaneously with the growth of GDP, Iranian campaign caused the US national debt triple.”

My Comment: The war, global, nuclear is possible if humanity will not have enough “peaceful” suffering to understand the need for a radical restructuring through “Integral Education and Upbringing.” The feeling of suffering from our gravedigger-egoism must be such that we really want to get rid of it completely and permanently. It is not difficult to imagine how unbearable this suffering has to be so that everyone wishes to get rid of its source: egoism.

But this decision can be reached by “brainwashing,” that is, by studying the inevitability of change of our egoistic nature, the harm of egoism, the creation of powerful public opinion, and so on. In this case the transition is smooth, quick, and easy, without destruction and disasters. But will we have enough common sense to test integral education?

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