The Reduction In Facebook Audience

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from “Facebook’s ascent to global domination has slowed in recent months as the social media giant has struggled to keep users confronted with ever-increasing online options interested.

“In the past six months, some nine million people in the United States and two million in the United Kingdom have left the networking site. Over the past month alone six million Americans have tuned out, a four per cent fall, according to a report from The Guardian citing the analysis firm SocialBakers.

“Americans are also spending less time engaged in their experience, with people browsing Facebook an average 121 minutes a month in December 2012 then 115 minutes in February of this year.”

My Comment: Everything in the world has its own lifespan because our desire is growing quantitatively and, most importantly, qualitatively. Undoubtedly, people will find tiredness and limitation of social networks as fulfillment, as in their time they became tired of television.

All this leads us to the need for “internal” communication through a common natural network that connects our desires and thoughts. But for that we need to stop “inflating” each other in social networks and to reveal ourselves and become closer.

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  1. we need to conect natural,friend to friend in our natural life,,,love your friend as yourself it is all we need to do…

  2. So not only do you need to connect and encourage others in the cyber world…but more-so in the physical world…where humanity cries out for the interaction.

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