The Virtual Space For The Inner Connection

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We see that people of the new generation do not want to come closer to one another. That is why the Internet has developed so much, enabling a person to act from afar without being physically present in society. That way he makes contacts without really connecting. How, then, can we offer people a method that is entirely based on unification and social influence?

Answer: This is a very good sign. It means that there is already realization of evil taking place. A person does not want to come close to anyone or to touch anyone. He feels individual, not connected to anyone, and does not need anyone—not even his parents, wife, or children. He wants to be left one on one with himself.

Today every person needs a separate apartment. In the previous generation every person needed a separate room. But earlier, this problem didn’t even exist. People lived in one room and did not bother each other.

Rabash told me that when he got married, he moved to live in his wife’s house. Her family was well-known in Jerusalem and had a two room apartment. But all of them, the parents and the children, lived in one big room, while renting out the second room because they did not think they needed it. At night, when it was time to sleep, they would lay out mattresses on the floor and in the morning they would roll them back up and lay them in a pile in the corner. Besides these mattresses and a small table for food, there was nothing in the room. That is how people lived in Jerusalem in the beginning of the 20th century.

But today a person cannot stand even his own wife next to him in the same room. That is how much our nature has changed, which is why we want to shift to a virtual connection. The virtual connection is a search for a higher level of communication. It is not just replacing one kind of connection with another, but a connection on a more internal level. We are starting to aspire to connect with a person’s inner world, on the level of his psychology.

However, people will soon grow disillusioned with the Internet and will understand that it cannot satisfy their need for a real inner connection. All of these SMS text messages, e-mails, and social networks will not provide the answer to the demand that is now being revealed in us, which we do not even understand ourselves yet. We just feel that we have to unite, attain nature and the world, and feel and understand everything on a higher level than today.

The young generation does not realize this inner demand it has yet, but the fact is that this need is not for the virtual connection that exists today. It is a yearning for a more internal, sensuous connection. And that is something that can only be attained if we go from the virtual connection to the use of the science of Kabbalah. This will soon be revealed to us.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/21/11, “Introduction to the Book, Panim Meirot uMasbirot”

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