Facebook Is Not Cool Anymore

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Verge): “Facebook admitted in its annual 10-K report that it might be losing ‘younger users’ to ‘other products and services similar to, or as a substitute for, Facebook.’ Teens are often an accurate barometer for what’s cool and what’s next, and recent rumblings seem to indicate teens are moving on. Telling your colleagues that teens are no longer into your product is far from an Irish goodbye.

“‘I think it has less to do with kids consciously looking for “the next big thing” than Facebook just no longer being a space that serves them,’ says Laura Portwood-Stacer, author of ‘Media Refusal and Conspicuous Non-Consumption: The Performative and Political Dimensions of Facebook Abstention.’ ‘I think kids are less self-conscious about trying to be cool than marketers would like to think,’ she said. When Facebook launched, it was cool to expose details about yourself, like what movies you like, what you’re doing right now, and who you’re in a relationship with.’…

“Teens have turned to sites like Tumblr and apps like Snapchat and Instagram to communicate. ‘Tumblr is mainly my obsession as of now,’ says 15-year-old Collin Wisniewski. ‘It just seems more intimate and it’s not really a place of bragging, but more of a place of sharing.’… Some data suggests that Tumblr may have already eclipsed Facebook as the most popular social network among 13-25 year-olds.”

My Comment: In our time, people’s desires, especially young people’s desires, change very quickly; so, in the future we will see them attracted to more inner communication, goals, and meaning. It is not the result of our education; it does not exist, but is the consequence of natural instinctive development of the desire in humans. New desires will trigger new needs and will lead to the need to find meaning in communication, instead of gatherings on social networks.

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