Fukuyama: The End Of History

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Francis Fukuyama, an American political scientist, political economist): “…the excesses of capitalism are a threat to democracy…

“We have had a lot of technological change that substituted for low-skill labor and made many people in Western democracies lose their jobs.

“We have unthinkingly embraced a certain version of globalization that assumed we had to move very quickly into this post-industrial, post-manufacturing world. Doing so, we forgot that the whole reason real socialism never took off in the US was the fact that the modern economy seemed to produce middle-class societies in which the bulk of the population could enjoy a middle-class status. They worked in industries that were abolished in our countries and transferred to countries like China.

“What you are going to see in a democracy with a weaker middle class is much more populism, more internal conflict, an inability to resolve distributional issues in an orderly way.

“The president [Obama] never annunciated a vision of a different kind of economic order that did not just look like a return to a kind of classic big spending, liberal Democratic formula. The Democrats have never articulated an economic philosophy that is not just the return to the 1970s, big government and so forth, or the position of the labor unions which is very hostile to globalization.

“We should never have permitted the Chinese to de-industrialize a large part of the world.

“China is never going to be a global model. Our current Western system is really broken in some fundamental ways, but the Chinese system is not going to work either. It is a deeply unfair and immoral system where everything can be taken away from anyone in a split second, where people die in train accidents because of a rampant lack of public oversight and transparency, where corruption rules. We are already seeing huge protests in all parts of China …

“Liberal democracy still really is the only game in town worldwide, in spite of all of its shortcomings.”

My Comment: This is the end of history of the past history and the beginning of a new history. The next level of human development has to replace a person with a machine, to eliminate excess production, to release people from unnecessary labor, and to free as many as possible man-hours from environmentally harmful production of unnecessary things and services.

We need to look at people’s liberation from labor as a necessity, the requirement of nature, and to become aware of our transition to the next level of development. It involves achieving unity and completing each other, to the point when society will become a single whole in which we will feel the unity of nature—the upper dimension.

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