Einstein Was Right

Laitman_051Question: Scientists in the US claim that they have succeeded in proving Einstein’s theory regarding gravity waves, a discovery that is worthy of a Nobel Prize. How does humanity benefit from such discoveries?

Answer: Such discoveries give people a sense of security since they are based on the laws of this world that can be discovered, predicted, and explained, at least partly. They confirm that our world is a world of the laws of nature, and this is very important.

The law of gravity is the most important law of nature, the law of the general egoism. There is a force that pulls everything, but where is it? How can it be explained?

After all, we can measure it, but we don’t actually feel it and don’t understand the nature of this force. This is a big problem since the major force that is closest to us that we depend on is hidden from us. In fact, it is not hidden, but is simply the foundation. It is the egoistic force of any matter that pulls toward itself. Therefore it is hard to find or to define it, and until this very day not everything is totally clear about this force.

Although this is a great achievement, we should also realize that if we want to attain nature itself, we have to ascend to the next level, to the place it stems from.  After all, all of nature in our world, including subatomic forces and the force of gravity are built according to the four phases of the development of matter that descend from the next level, from the upper level and are revealed in our world as a result.

Therefore, we must ascend to the next level in order to understand them and find what their nature is, their source, and the reason for such phenomena, and not study them on the level they are revealed.

The only way to ascend to the next level is through the wisdom of Kabbalah because we must first change ourselves, change our way of thinking, and reach the state in which we can ascend above our nature. According to Kabbalah we all will have to explore the upper world and establish the basis of our life in it.

Question: Did Einstein have a premonition of the upper level?

Answer: No, he understood it in his mind, but at the same time he was sure that the upper mind and upper forces exist. Although he did not attain them, he attained that level of perception by opening himself to them.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/12/16

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  1. There is a certain mind-blowing quality to Einsteins theories, especially those relating to time dilation. These theories seem to remind us that there is a problem, or at least a limitation, in the way we see the world. What is the true significance of time? Will we ever see the universe for what it is, or will everything also flow in a stream of changing consciousness.

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