We Must Come Out Of The Aquarium

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why do I need to explore everything with regard to myself in the upper world while we don’t have to do so in this world?

Answer: This is because you exist in a different form in the new reality. In our world, you receive everything into your body; you feel the reality in your senses, and therefore you see this room, the walls, the windows, the table, and me.

How do you know that it all exists? It is depicted this way to you by your senses.

The perception of the true reality is revealed only in the upper world. In our world, you are limited and live in an aquarium my dear friend! You are locked inside yourself saying that you don’t need other senses except the ones that you have in your fish body. Those are enough in order to feel this corporeal life, and you don’t need anything more than that.

You don’t believe that beyond the walls of the aquarium there is a different world, and you are not trying to explore beyond the walls. However, I already have such a desire, which is the beginning of a higher level of desires. These are the same five types of perceptions, but they are on the next level. You perceive everything on your level in the desire to receive, while I develop my perception in the desire to bestow.

Comment: But I use objective measuring tools without involving my subjective feelings.

Answer: That’s what you think, but you are mistaken.

Comment: But being inside the aquarium, I cannot understand my limitations and my influence on the picture that is depicted to me.

Answer: You can. Modern science speaks about this because it has attained the limits of this world. Einstein was the first to speak about the relative perception of our world, followed by the physicist Hugh Everett and other scientists.

The moment we understand that everything is relative, we already have a problem. Everything being relative means that we have no way of measuring anything in an accurate objective way. Each time we have to add the statement that the observation is with respect to the observer who is in a certain frame of reference and in certain conditions. In that case, nothing is absolute and there are no objective facts.

Question: How does the theory of relativity help us discover new horizons?

Answer: Although Einstein’s theory was revolutionary, it is still limited since it refers only to the limitations of our perception and not beyond. It is impossible to exit the boundaries of corporeal perception by a corporeal scientific approach.

Einstein managed to reach this boundary, but didn’t manage to cross it, although he tried. We see that his attitude towards the Creator was like that towards an upper mind, an upper force, and an upper desire and thought. He believed it was very important, since it was clear to him that there is something beyond the limits of the corporeal reality that we feel.

But the only way to enter this upper reality is by special development of the initial desire of this point inside the fish that pulls it beyond the limits of the aquarium. There is a special technique of developing this point, and when it becomes a real desire, a person begins to work with it by drawing on new forces that exist outside the aquarium.

He draws these forces towards him, using everything he has in order to discover and start feeling them, to reach bilateral contact and mutual cooperation with them. Thus he attains a new life.

People who have already attained the upper perception throughout history help a person in order to spare him from wandering in the dark. They leave us their writings and their impressions on which the wisdom of Kabbalah is based. By studying the Kabbalistic sources, we awaken ourselves in the right direction and eventually also attain the revelations of the new perception and feeling of the new world.

This is the real world, since it is independent of our limited corporeal perception. We have to come out of the aquarium!
From KabTV’s “The Meeting of the Worlds” 5/12/14

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