The State Of Israstine

Laitman_417Comment: The leader of the left wing Isaac Hertzog said that the actions of the extremist on the right and the left will lead to the establishment of a new state in Israel called “Israstine,” and that we need to unite.

Answer: What does this unity come down to? After all, a politician doesn’t think about anything but reaching a higher position. This is the reason he is a politician.

I believe that political bickering has always been the death of Israel because we are a nation based on the unity between different peoples. Abraham formed a group that was later called Israel from peoples who lived in ancient Babylon who were very different from each other, and so what forms the Jewish nation is actually the unity between its people.

The Jews have no nationality and whoever joins the idea of unity, the right mutual integration between people, is called a Jew. The word “Jew – Yechudi”  stems from the Hebrew word “unity – Yichud.” Therefore, “love thy friend as thyself” is the main natural law and the basis for the existence of our nation.

But we have forgotten all that and have not been living according to that for ages. We are not the same Jews who lived in ancient times anymore. We don’t have the same ideology, the same basis, or the same constitution. Nevertheless nature still treats us according to the same principle, which means that we have to exist above all the differences, in unity, since otherwise we will not be a nation.

This is how the First Temple was destroyed. Then we united a bit and built the Second Temple, and then we began to fight one another once more and because of this the Second Temple was destroyed.

This means that the most important thing for our nation is our unity, despite all the problems that come up between us, as it says “love will cover all our transgressions.”

We should understand that we have to live on two levels. On the lower level we can feel repulsion to such an extent that we will not speak to one another, as often happens among Jews. There is a Joke about a Jew who builds two synagogues, one that he goes to and one that he says he will never set a foot in. He builds the second synagogue on purpose so that he will not set a foot there. This expresses the Jews’ attitude toward one another.

Today we simply have to restore the two levels, establish an attitude of love above all our transgressions, and live on these two levels. On one hand, we don’t accept one another according to the earthly ego on the animate level. As a human being I don’t accept and hate you, and others too, but nonetheless, I cover that with love in my connection with others, without destroying the ego. It is actually as a result of living in this dual attitude of the two levels that I don’t love you, but in spite of myself and my attitude to you, I love you.

It is a very complex system of mutual relations, but only in the connection between these two dimensions is the Creator revealed, and the system of the upper Leadership that descends to us from Above. When we focus on this system of mutual relations, the upper world is revealed to us, so this is what we should do.

No one understands that, not those on the left wing, the right wing, or in the center, so we will not succeed unless we implement the rule of our mutual relations.

I know I am an egoist, but we have to build a bridge between us above the abyss that separates us. The abyss remains, but we constantly keep our intentions as we sustain and build the bridge between us more and more.

It is actually above this abyss, in the connection between us, that the upper force that will enable us to feel the true world, true existence, eternity, and wholeness is revealed. We will reveal the meaning of the creation of this world. And then we will see and discover what the Garden of Eden is and enter it. This is the way to happiness.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/6/16

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