In Court For Asserting “There Is No God”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News ( “On Wednesday, 2 March in Stavropol, began the trial of blogger Viktor Krasnov following the complaint filed against him by the social network VKontakte for insulting the feelings of the faithful. Krasnov wrote in his blog that ‘there is no God,’ and called the Bible ‘a collection of Jewish fairy tales.’ …

“At the end of 2015, the Investigative Committee charged Krasnov under the article on insulting the feelings of believers. by which Krasnov could face imprisonment of up to three years. …

“After the complaint was filed against Krasnov, the blogger had to spend a month in a psychiatric hospital so experts could establish ‘the extent of his sanity.'”

My Comment: It is clear that there is no proof of the phrases: “there is no God” or “there is a God.” Likewise, according to the Declaration of Human Rights and the Citizen that was adopted by the Supreme Council of the Russian Federation November 22, 1991 (and still current) section 14 reads as follows: “Everyone is guaranteed freedom of conscience, faith, religious or atheistic activity. Anyone is allowed to adhere to any religion or not to adhere to any religion, to choose, hold and disseminate views and act on them provided that he abides by the law.”.

So the matter is not about whether God exists, but about insulting people with these statements.

It is said that “in the end of days”, meaning before the general correction of our ego, the ego will exceed its course and will be expressed in distorted ways, pushing people toward completely illogical statements and manifestations. We will see this all over the world and especially in Israel.

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