Tourism Of Disasters

Laitman_720Question: There is startling news of tourism developing in sites of nuclear disasters.

Tourists have begun to visit the nuclear power station in Chernobyl. This initiative is encouraging the Japanese who believe that in 2036, the main focus will be touring the Fukushima nuclear power plant where an accident occurred in 2011. They already are beginning to plan advertising for tours in the area.

Why would a person be drawn to places where disasters have occurred?

Answer: A person wants to view his future, to know what will happen after a nuclear disaster occurs on the face of the Earth. Tourism to places like these is not an adventure, but a clear and unconscious fear about what could happen to anyone at any minute.

In fact, they are showing places in the radiation zone that seem to be ordinary; freed from human intervention, now rivers splash with fish, magnificent forests are full of berries and mushrooms, and animals, once exterminated by man,  are revived. All of it exists in a marvelous way.

If it were possible to free planet Earth from human intervention without a nuclear explosion, the Earth would be a wonderful planet, blue, beautiful, and clean. Everything would exist in balance, and everything would be good. Humanity came and broke everything!

Question: Tourists who visit the nuclear power station in Chernobyl tell a story about five residents in the area of Chernobyl who didn’t leave the area. They are nourished by what exists there and are living well in the meantime.

Answer: This is a very interesting observation of nature, that even if nature is found in a situation that apparently seems to be contradictory to the life of protein bodies, if the protein bodies maintain relationships between them that are not egoistic, they can live in peace in those areas and radiation doesn’t affect them! It could be that radiation mainly affects people and what surrounds them only because their ego opposes it!

However, if a person relates to everything equally, and is calm and in balance with all of nature in all situations, he can walk on burning coals, enter a burning house, live in an area of radiation, and nothing will affect him. This means that everything depends on our balance with the nature that surrounds us, and first and foremost on our inner balance!

I believe that if we don’t hate nature, are not afraid of it, begin to accept it as it is, and want to achieve harmony with it, then we will not suffer from negative influences. The very strong inner state of balance with nature is called the Creator, a state in which the person enters fully into a state of adhesion with it.

Then, everything that is derived from the Creator in relation to the person has an influence as a force that is vitalizing and good.

This is not understood on the physical level, but it is possible to imagine that there exists a higher level in which all of the forces of nature are derived from a good source, the Creator, and if a person rises internally to this level, that is how he perceives all of them.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/9/16

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