The Future Of The European Union

laitman_426Question: In Britain there have been sharp debates on whether it’s worthwhile to leave the European Union. The famous physicist Stephen Hawking and 150 other scientists expressed sharp opposition to leaving. They think that thanks to their membership in the European Union, the subsidies for science in Britain grew and the number of experts increased. Do you think that England needs to leave the European Union?

Answer: Leaving it no longer has any meaning because the European Union will fall apart in the near future in any case.

These are artificial international gatherings that don’t determine anything. There is no mutual connection between them, the borders are being closed, and conflicts, discord, and innuendo are on the rise. The movement towards unification that existed in Europe before has disappeared, although even in the past, only the European Common Market, or more precisely the “market,” united them.

So I think that no matter what they do, this formation must break down anyway. It is not based upon internal unity and preliminary education of people to come closer to each other, but rather only on the desire of those who wanted to get rich from it, and what’s more, do it at the expense of others.

So what kind of union is that? What kind of common market is this if five countries accept, say, 25 additional members in order to create even more capital for themselves at their expense? This is simply exploitation of others and in a most brazen manner.

A system like this is destined to fail. Nature has intentionally pushed them towards this situation so that they could realize that a union of this kind can no longer exist in our world, unlike in previous generations when it was possible to conquer peoples. Even the Soviet Union could not hold together a similar union of socialist republics like the European Union is trying to do. So everything will fall apart because this is exactly the same system at whose foundation lays the ego.

A union can succeed only when the people yearn for it themselves. Without union on the grassroots level, all other structures will crumble. A feeling of necessity, a sense of profit from union has to come from below. Then a greater level will be attained, a spiritual level, and our union will bring more Light into the world.

They should have educated the people! But for this, it is necessary to discover the wisdom of Kabbalah, to begin to somehow teach and educate people on the grassroots level, at least a little, because otherwise everything is destined to fail.

So England can quietly remain within the European Union, because it will all end soon.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/11/16

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