The Imbalance That Threatens Creation

laitman_746_01In the News ( “US researchers have combined data on the majority of galaxies known to mankind and created an impressive scale of it in their Cosmic Web project that illustrates the structure of the universe by means of links between individual clusters of stars.

“’Ultimately, the universe is a network of individual galaxies, combined with gravitational interaction. We have built a visual model of these relations and got something that with the proper proportion of imagination can be called, “A view of the universe from God’s point of view”,’ – explains one of the authors of the project Kim Albrecht.”

My Comment: Kabbalah says that not only our world but all of creation is a single organism, and among all the worlds, only the human being has freedom of choice in his behavior. The rest of the creatures are instinctively run by nature.

So the balance of the entire system depends only on human behavior, and only humans bring it out of balance, and conversely, can restore it to balance.

Kabbalah explains how to manage the system correctly and maintain its balance. Currently, the egoistic behavior of humanity takes the system of creation out of equilibrium. Kabbalah warns of the consequences ….

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