Preventing World War Three – Part 1 “Why Are There Conflicts?”

laitman_626Comment: Ten years ago you said that the confrontation between Israel and the radical faction of the Arab community is not a local conflict, extremists would begin a confrontation with Israel and, sooner or later, this would reach a confrontation with the whole world, and that this would be the beginning of World War Three, which will only continue to grow.

So this seemed to me like Kabbalistic vagaries, but today I understand that it is necessary to begin to listen to Kabbalistic predictions more attentively, with particular concern.

Answer: Unfortunately what is said in the wisdom of Kabbalah has been carried out throughout all of history with mathematical precision. There could be a difference in time, but in principle, even this doesn’t happen.

Forty years ago my teacher told me that around the year 1995 the revelation of the wisdom of Kabbalah would soon begin among the masses, after that there would be another period, etc. All this would happen precisely, and arouse great fear among all those who are aware of the predictions.

A third World War would not be like previous wars; it is the sum of a multitude of slow and endless local conflicts, exhausting all of humanity.

The idea is that humanity is reaching a threshold in its development. They will begin to understand that they have not succeeded in getting along with each other or with the laws of nature, which determine their lives.

Not only aren’t we aware of the laws of nature, but we cannot even manage our society in any area of life. Science is deadlocked, families are falling apart, and people prefer to escape with drugs and tranquilizers.

Humanity is in confusion. The strong in this world don’t know what to do. Generally, the world in which we used to live successfully has become totally unclear. So conflicts and confrontations have begun.

The world became integral; it became rounded; different laws are operating in it—the laws of integral connection between everyone. Every person influences the entire world, and the whole world influences him; everything is interwoven. We still don’t see this network of forces, but it connects us very strongly, like cells in the body of humanity. In the wisdom of Kabbalah, this was written about thousands of years ago.

But the problem is that we are built according to an individualistic egoistic principle and not integrally. We cannot encompass this entire system; we cannot correctly cooperate mutually with each other; we don’t aim towards receiving and bestowing together.

A human being is the only creature in nature created on the egoistic principle. The still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature exist instinctively; they have no freedom of choice. But a human being is built according to another principle; only egoism operates within him.

So it follows that if the inanimate, vegetative, and animate parts of nature are in a dynamic balance: plus-minus, warm-cold, dark-light, our inner egoistic nature is not balanced by a good force, but only bears a negative character.

Question: But there are people who would object: “Excuse me, yesterday I helped an old woman cross the street”. Another will say: “Excuse me, but ten years ago we couldn’t even imagine that an amazing social network like Facebook would be created!” So, don’t we have a positive direction of development?

Answer: Yes. But this is also managed by our ego.

It turns out that we cannot just do good, not to mention carrying out the main commandment of loving others. A person requires an inner positive force that will balance him.

This problem is felt in all of us because we are basically guided only by the negative force. Where can we attain a positive force to manage ourselves and the world successfully? This is the most prominent challenge humanity faces today.

To be continued…
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 10/23/15

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